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barbiturate for panic disorder

Posted by rjlockhart98 on July 14, 2005, at 10:46:45

I know there almost forgotten in the old psychiatric books.

Phenobarbital or Amytal i have read before where usally used for anxiety.

In the 1930's 30mg of amobarbital was given for anxiety, at a low dose. But that is before old school.

Are barbiturates damaging, well i have read they increase liver enzymes which can cause sooner death later in life. Um no thank.....

During the 1940's there had to be something that was given to the tramaized housewives who lost their husbands during war, or worrying about them.

But i do know they cause more sedation, rather than antianxiety effect, which with driving i dont really think is a good idea.

Does anyone else have a viewpoint?

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