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CALLING ALL RITALIN-HEADS!! (Some help, please!)

Posted by Philidor on September 2, 2004, at 18:09:01

I've been taking generic D-amphetamine for my ADHD, but lately it's pooped out to the point that I'm gonna have to switch to Ritalin, which I've never taken..

QUESTION: Does anyone who has used the original know of a generic that's just as good as Ritalin without the Ritalin price? (I'm talking about the straight stuff here, not the timed release, gimmicky versions).

If so, would you please tell me the name (eg. Methylin)? Or if it doesn't have it's own brand name, the manufacturer's name? (It's usu. in parenthesis right after the generic name on the RX "TEVA", "Walter","Purepac", etc)

I have no RX insurance and I know that the quality of the many generic versions of Ritalin is inconsistent at BEST. So if you know of one that you've found to be just as good, I'd be grateful to know what it is. (So would others I'm sure.)


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