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Nardil for depression and OCD

Posted by greywolf on May 26, 2004, at 13:24:51

After exhausting my other alternatives, I'm starting Nardil in a couple days, primarily for long-term depression. My doc thinks it may also have a beneficial effect on my rather severe OCD--not that it will have any major impact, but it may diminish the physical signs like tics and involuntary movements.

Has anyone else had experience with Nardil and OCD?


Re: Nardil for depression and OCD greywolf

Posted by ace on May 27, 2004, at 22:49:34

In reply to Nardil for depression and OCD, posted by greywolf on May 26, 2004, at 13:24:51

Yes me. Nardil is brilliant for depression, social phobia, and so many other things. It can also be very very good for OCD. In my case it helps OCD a bit- but I need augmentation.

However, there a clinical trials (Michael Jenike MD and others) that show MAOI's can be brilliant for OCD.

I remember one where, after 15 weeks of high dose Nardil, OCD was completely abolished in one patient...


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