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REMERON and hearing things that are'nt there...

Posted by snapper on May 22, 2004, at 21:54:11

Hey all, I have a wierd symptom and I noticed it last summer and fall when I was on 30mg of remeron (now just 15mg hs for sleep)..I would wake up and sometimes think that I was hearing one of my family members say something to me when they were not. I sleep in a pretty sound proof environment bedroom setting and when I wake up I sometimes suddenly hear what I think is someone saying something to me ....I have no history of psychosis or hallucinations etc...but it seems to me that I have read elsewhere here on PB that certain meds could cause this type thing .....anyone else out there have this type of experience? I do have hyper-sensitive hearing and I mask out excess noise in my room with a fan and air purifier but I still have these wierd occasions like someone is calling my name!! Can pro-longed excessive depression and anxiety cause something like this?
Input and replies appreciated


Re: REMERON and hearing things that are'nt there...

Posted by crazychickuk on May 23, 2004, at 4:37:37

In reply to REMERON and hearing things that are'nt there..., posted by snapper on May 22, 2004, at 21:54:11

Hello snapper, i to get that, i had this before even ever taking any meds, i think its just the sub concious mind, so my physcyiatrist told me, i hear my name being called out, and confersations, but only voices that i am used to, usually my mums or my daughters, always happens at night time as i am drifting of to sleep and sometimes in the morning.. FOR me it hasnt got worse since i been taking remeron but its still there and i think its just that we notice it more.

You could try discussing this with your doctor...

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