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Lexapro,Zyprexa, Depakote hell. Please help!

Posted by MCP on May 22, 2004, at 3:13:27

I went into the hospital 6 months ago for addiction to alcohol and ativan. They put me on Lexapro, Zyprexa, and depakote. The withdrawals from Ativan were hell. Anyways, things were going along great until 6 weeks ago. I had weened my zyprexa down to 5 milligrams and the depakote to 250 mg. I decided to stop taking both of them. Well, I crashed bad from that. I thought they were nonaddictive and it wouldn't be a problem. Besides, I was on a low dose. Well, I started seeing a pdoc. He started me back up on them. This time he tried to have me go from 5 to 2.5 of zyprexa once at night. I crashed again. I literally thought I was dying. When I am on them I am foggy and disoriented and that scares me. When I try to go off I go through hell. I am losing all hope and terrible thoughts are going through my head. My brain feels like it is trapped in hell. Does anyone have thoughts on this? Are there ways to offset withdrawals from zyprexa and depakote? I know people will say there aren't withdrawals from them, but my experience says there are. If anyone has any ideas here I would much appreciate it. THanks in advance.


Re: Lexapro,Zyprexa, Depakote hell. Please help!

Posted by Sebastian on May 22, 2004, at 11:15:50

In reply to Lexapro,Zyprexa, Depakote hell. Please help!, posted by MCP on May 22, 2004, at 3:13:27

I will verify that withdraws from zyprexa are hell. And no I have not found a way to do it. I also took depakote while on zyprexa. I stoped the depakote no problem. Then I tried the zyprexa, had a problem. There must be something about that kind of medicine. Your body gets use to the effects, anti-anxiety, makes sleep posible. I've lowerd my dose of zyprexa recently, hopfuly It will get lower and lower. A lot of people have similar problems. Seems to be one drug or anouther, not none. They are not addictive. Your body needs it or gets use to it, . Getting off any drug is hard, just like pot. When you stop the medicine the chemical balance in your head changes and this make you uneasy. Wish I was not so dependant on the stuff. I take zyprexa for 5 years now. I started on 15 mg, now I take 7.5 effectivly. So some day maybe I won't need it.

Good luck!

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