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Off Lexapro for 25 days

Posted by Nemo2 on April 18, 2004, at 14:39:35

5 years ago I began having major digestive problems. Related to work, diet and family challenges. A full load. The symptoms grew progressively worse. Visits to GI and Internist docs failed to find diseases or structural problems in my gut. Internist prescribed a couple of different sedatives 15 months ago. Clipoxide and Donnatal. I tried them lots of different ways and they did reduce the pain. Made it hard to work effectively, though. My daily 2 to 5 ounces of alcohol aggravated the digestive problems and I was able to gradually wean myself off alcohol completely without cravings. Took 4 years to do that. Damn. 12 months ago started also reading lots of stuff on diet and nutrition. Found I was heavy into simple carbs. Gave up all sugar and sometimes all bread/pasta, etc. Balanced diet now. Also supplements. Ended up depressed 5 months ago. Suicide ideation and fairly severe symptoms. A place I'd never been before. Both doc's suggested AD's. Tried Amytriptelene for a week and couldn't handle the severe side effects. October 2003. Started Lexapro Jan 9th, 2004. Amazing results. Few side effects and a clear reduction in anxiety and fear. Peaked at week 3 and I dealt with the se's. Worst for me was the brain fog and trembling hands/body. I changed jobs in March after a year of prep within the same company. Less stress, and money.....more fun. Trying to learn the new job in a fast paced world told me that even though the se's on Lex were OK on weekends, etc., I couldn't survive that way in the business world. I stopped cold turkey after 11 weeks on 10mg. Knew the se's of withdrawal might be bad from reading posts here. Worse than I expected. 2 weeks of headaches and severe waves of dizziness. Almost fell down on my morning run one day. At day 20 it stepped down a lot and today I'm 90% past the se's. Wonderful to have a clear head and no slurred speech again. One year in a brain fog. I am off alcohol, caffiene, tobacco and sugar. A better job fit and more honesty with my wife about how her 20 year old son is ruining her life (and mine...very long story folks). Progress on all fronts. Hopes for a drug free recovery. Still on 40mg of Prilosec daily now. Thanks to all who've helped me on this site. You are truly caring people and I will never forget your help. Lex is a magical drug and it's for each of us to find it's best use. It helped me through a dark time and I feel stronger and more free than I have in many years. My best to you and yours. Nemo2


Re: Off Lexapro for 25 days

Posted by lovelyone on April 18, 2004, at 18:51:08

In reply to Off Lexapro for 25 days, posted by Nemo2 on April 18, 2004, at 14:39:35

Good for you Nemo! You've accomplished a lot. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the dividends!


Re: Off Lexapro for 25 days

Posted by KathrynLex on April 18, 2004, at 23:21:32

In reply to Re: Off Lexapro for 25 days, posted by lovelyone on April 18, 2004, at 18:51:08

Wow Nemo. Yours is a beautiful success story. Thanks for was quite inspiring. I wish you continued happiness in all your endeavors.


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