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self medicating with adderall - question

Posted by adverse on October 14, 2003, at 17:29:40

I started self medicating with adderall a year ago when I realized I have ADD and it can fix many of my lifelong problems.

Before I started taking it, I read several studies, books about pharmocology, adult adhd, addictions, and self mecidating. After I knew what I was doing, I started taking 10mg/day for about 5 months, paused treatment over the summer, and now im taking 10mg/twice a day. I have never abused it nor do I have any desire to.

I decided to see a dr. and get officially diagnosed and he gave me 10mg adderall XR/day. This is a problem because 10mg/bid of IR adderall is my optimal dose and the 10mg adderall XR isnt cutting it. Im scared to talk to him about it because the idea of a college student + adderall will make him flip out. any thoughts?


Re: self medicating with adderall - question

Posted by Hattree on October 15, 2003, at 15:47:44

In reply to self medicating with adderall - question, posted by adverse on October 14, 2003, at 17:29:40

You might tell him it helps a little and ask if he thinks a higher dose would help more. Or say it is pooping out too early in the day...he might suggest a 10mg IR as an add-on. It is pretty common to increase from the starting dose of a stimulant (ask my 8 year old).

If he isn't helpful you can always try someone else...a psychopharmacologist or an ADHD specialist will be less likely to view you as a criminal. I found out I was ADD because I confessed to my pdoc that the stimulants I took in college made me feel normal.

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