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Questions about Effexor XR

Posted by Star Bright on July 9, 2003, at 13:47:32

I have been taking 100 mg of Zoloft along with a small dose of Wellbutrin for my depression for the past month. Prior to this, I was taking 50 mg of Zoloft for about a year and stopped taking it for about 4 months. The depression came back, so my Dr. precribed the dose that I am currently taking, however, I have been feeling a lot more anxious than usual. Now my doctor wants me to stop taking the Wellbutrin, slowly cut back on the Zoloft and start taking 37.5 mg of Effexor XR. Having read many of the postings on these boards, I must admit, I am very nervous to try Effexor XR. Prior to going off of the 50 mg of Zoloft, it worked great for me. My only side effect was a decrease in sexual drive, which became a problem therefore I was prescribed the Wellbutrin.

Has anyone out there experienced Zoloft and Wellbutrin, then Effexor XR? If did it work for you? Did you loose your sex drive? Did you gain weight? Did you have a lot of side effects?

I am hoping someone out there can shed some light on this for me. Thanks!


Re: Questions about Effexor XR Star Bright

Posted by theo on July 9, 2003, at 15:17:28

In reply to Questions about Effexor XR, posted by Star Bright on July 9, 2003, at 13:47:32

I've been taking 37.5mg for 8days now and am fine. Most of the nightmare stories you read are on high doses of 225mg and discontinuing. Standard dose is going to 75mg after 7 days at 37.7mg but I'm trying 37.7mg for a month without going up to see how it goes, this was my doctors advice and we were on the same page. More is not necessarily better for everyone.

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