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Welbutrin and Paxil Mix?

Posted by KellyT on May 12, 2003, at 8:30:05

I have been on paxil in the past and it caused me weight gain and most importantly, complete loss of libido. I was taken off and put on welbutrin (300mgs) and valium (30mgs) for anxiety. I am also dually diagnoised as a BPD and a drug addict. So taking valium though is very helpful for my anxiety, I have much trouble not over doing it. You'd think 10mgs three times a day would keep me pretty mellow, but I still find myself abusing them. So now my husband has taken over administering the meds to me. But when my GP changed me from valium to adivant and put me back on paxil with welbutrin, I can already tell that my libido is going down, and I am feeling lazy again. I didnt feel that on just welbutrin and valium. Has anybody been on a welbutrin paxil adivant mix before? How is it working for you?
I have to say that I really miss my valium, but as a drug addict I cant tell if that is because of the way it made me feel or if it helped me more than what I am on now.
Please, any feedback would be wonderful.


Re: Welbutrin and Paxil Mix?

Posted by Bill L on May 12, 2003, at 9:13:14

In reply to Welbutrin and Paxil Mix?, posted by KellyT on May 12, 2003, at 8:30:05

Kelly, I don't have advise to give you but I'm sure someone will. I do know that Paxil frequently causes some weight gain and some loss of sexual drive.

I guess your doc feels that Valium is no good since you are taking too much and that Paxil should act as a substitute to relax you.

Maybe you could ask your doc to switch you from Paxil to a different drug such as Lexapro or Prozac. Maybe a different drug would not give you a weight gain or cause as much of a sexual side effect.

But like I said, I think there are others here who are probably in a better position to give you advise. Good luck!


Re: Welbutrin and Paxil Mix?

Posted by waterlily on May 12, 2003, at 20:03:03

In reply to Welbutrin and Paxil Mix?, posted by KellyT on May 12, 2003, at 8:30:05

I tried Wellbutrin + Paxil before. I was already on the Wellbutrin for depression; the Paxil was for anxiety. All the Paxil did was kill what little libido I had and made me unable to climax. It did nothing for the anxiety that I could tell. I just started Effexor (in addition to the Wellbutrin) and it seems to be working well all around. It increased my libido, probably by lowering my anxiety and inhibitions. I take Ativan as needed for severe acute anxiety and occasionally to get to sleep.


Re: Welbutrin and Paxil Mix?

Posted by KellyT on May 12, 2003, at 22:28:09

In reply to Re: Welbutrin and Paxil Mix?, posted by waterlily on May 12, 2003, at 20:03:03

Thank you so much for answering. I have been on just about every SSI that you can name, in just one year. Nurotin,effexor,paxil,zyprexa,lithium,tegratol,
Lamictal,prosac,depakote,wellbutrin, and I am probably forgetting some, but it seems like the Wellbutrin keeps me from crashing into depression. And with 4 boys to take care of I just cant go back to a hospital. Its just that the anxiety is horrible and I take it out on my kids. I have decided not to spank EVER because I just cant handle the anxiety. I let daddy do it when he gets home. My head spins (racing thoughts) constantly and I can only stop it by taking a benzo. I have tried every benzo there is, Adivant really does nothing, but then again I am only taking 2mgs a day. Xanax makes me crazy. Kolanapin makes me forget things, sometimes like whole days. That makes me feel so guilty because I wonder how my boys are going to grow up. What am I doing to them??? Valium really helps me the most, but I just cant handle having them in my possession and not abusing them. My husband does not understand any of this,I try to get him to read up on my condition (whatever it is) and this year has been absolute hell. The pills that help me the most are the ones I abuse, and I feel like I am spiraling. What can I do? And to top it all off, my insurance wont cover my phsyciatrist because it is a pre existing condition. Wonder what that 450 dollars a month is for!!!???
Again, thank you so much for answering my post, and sorry for the Novel.

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