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Posted by Questionmark on March 28, 2003, at 19:05:41

blah, i wanted to comment on your last post that i read, but i haven't been able to find it. Sorry. But i'll try to comment based on what i can remember.
Sorry the inpatient thing didn't work out. i think it's completely ridiculous that they insisted on giving you antipsychotics. How the **** is that going to help you? It would probably only make things worse, judging by what your symptoms seem to be. Yeah, that really ticked me off when i read that.
That's really cool that you met that girl there though. Were you ever able to get a hold of her again yet? You should keep trying.
Honestly, how are you doing now though? You need to find a good psychiatrist and maybe therapist if you can. Ah, i'm sorry, i can't freaking talk right now. But seriously, i hope you can find some real help. Good luck. Don't give up yet.

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