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Posted by Dr. Bob on March 24, 2003, at 20:41:02

[Posted by shawna on March 24, 2003, at 7:32:37]

> I have tried to post then had to sighn up first and now i cannot get back to post place i was--to post! so i will post it here and hope it helps :)STRATTERA- in a neural stimulant.
> the truth of the matter is:
> stimulates the chemical that gives us our flight or fight response
> 2. raises cortasoid levels...good for body builders....terrible for the over weight.,that chemical causes your body to sore fat istead of use it...this is why you will see---causes appetite decrease on the package insert and on the same insert it has no significant weight decrease and weight gain or fluctuation also
> 3.a stimulant can---stimulate you to:--uncontrolled eating,cravings,psychotic episodezs,seizures,urine retension prob,dry mouth,insonia,jitters,meanness,lethergy--which dispenses in about 2 hrs if rest is supplied-to a better overall feeling of happiness or anxiety as these two coinside depening upon yor certain neurological condition , otherwords it can stimulate all of our underlying bad personality problems and put them into the lime light
> 4.but if por problem is truely insufficient noenephrine it can stimulate:--better relations,better day/night sleep habits,better food choices,awareness,positivity,alertness,interrest,and will power, also better concentration habits as it takes the ad/hd person and rearanges the way that they concentrate.
> it can and will imbalance and deplete other neurotransmitter chemicals in the brai with prolonged usage, it will desensitize your norenephrine uptake centers....just as we have had such a problem with the dopamine centers in the brain, again this is the big delima in neurotransmitter supplimentation just as it is with vitamins or suppliments, the body is made to work synergistically and when one part is off or working/stimulated by itself it hurts the other body parts as a whole.
> but for the people that truely need this receptor medication , it has worked wonders,as i am one,but the true regulation of neuro transmitters comes from regulating one whole bodily systems not just one part this can be procured by sleeping by 9pm-for hgh benefits--awake at dawn--exercizing q day--pure soft water eat at same times q day eat 5 hr before bedtime---no snacks and only water between meals---sunshine daily is a must also---this will reset all bodily systems if followed and adhered to properly, which it is evident i am struggeling with :)


Re: STRATTERA fallsfall

Posted by Dr. Bob on March 30, 2003, at 17:32:24

In reply to STRATTERA shawna, posted by Dr. Bob on March 24, 2003, at 20:41:02

[Posted by fallsfall on March 29, 2003, at 13:17:59]

I take Strattera for Depression. I'm so glad to finally find something that works. I've been out of work for 14 months now while we've tried all kinds of things. Interestingly, the Strattera doesn't help unless I am also taking Provigil (which is for Narcalepsy - I take it to stay awake). And Provigil doesn't help unless I'm taking the Strattera. Of course, I also need my Prozac and Lithium...

So, I'm thrilled that there is a new drug out there.

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