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Ever Try Writing to a Drug Company?

Posted by cubbybear on January 16, 2003, at 10:50:23

As many of you know, one of the things that can go wrong with an anti-depressant is the "poop-out" phenomenon--that terrifying "end-of-service" feeling when the med just quits working. It's just as bad, if not worse, than being betrayed by your own best friend.

It happened to me with Remeron last summer, after I had been taking it for about four months. Amid my depression and despair, I decided to confront the manufacturer head-on. On Sept. 20, I wrote directly to Organon, Inc., in West Orange, New Jersey, providing a full description of my experience with their product. I told them that the Remeron had quit working for me, and stated at the conclusion of the letter, "My doctor is unsure of why the medication failed (so please don't ask me to ask him why). . . .I would very much appreciate a plausible explanation from you the manufacturer, as to why the Remeron failed after only six months. . . I look forward to your prompt and up-front communication on this matter."

(Before I continue with this tale of woe, I need to tell you all that I was and still am living in Bangkok Thailand, have a fine pdoc here, and I obtained the drug regularly at a reputable hospital in genuine, fresh Organon-labelled packaging. The REAL STUFF, I'm SURE.)

I waited nearly two months but didn't hear a word from Organon. I then wrote a follow-up letter, along with my mail-forwarding address in Phoenix, Arizona, to minimize any mail delays. I informed Organon, "If I do not receive an acknowledgement and acceptable explanation for the problem described by year-end, I will post a notice on a popular Internet message board [guess which one, folks!]. This message board is utilized daily by hundreds if not thousands of depressed patients who exchange views on various anti-depressant medications." (I would think that Organon is well aware of Psycho-Babble.)

Well, that little threat got them off their butts, but do you think they gave me an up-front explanation as to why the Remeron failed? Not in the least. Curiously, I received not one but two letters. In the first, Corinne Patrick, Pharm.D., Drug Information Specialist of the Medical Services Dept, had the nerve to say, among other things, "We are unable to provide information on the safety and efficacy of products purchased outside of the United States. Please contact Organon International based in the Netherlands. . ."

That's called PASSING THE BUCK (to the Dutch).

In the second letter, written the same day by the same woman, I was told, "We are pleased to comply with your request for a Remeron package insert."
[That's a lot of BS; I never asked them for one] Then Ms. Patrick went on with the usual maddening platitude, "Organon, Inc. appreciates your concern about your condition and its treatment and firmly believes that your physician, pharmacist, or other healthcare provider are your best source for medical advice."


In a nutshell, I waited nearly three months for this #%$#@#% pharmaceutical outfit to tell me. . . .nothing. Who am I to this multi-national pharmaceutical company? I guess I'm just some whining crying kid who needs to be sent along on his merry way, courtesy of the best LEGAL EXPERTS at Organon.

Thanks, all of you, for your patience in reading this long-winded anecdote, but it should exemplify what we--as patients, individuals, consumers--are up against. Is there strength in numbers?
Any comments?


Re: Ever Try Writing to a Drug Company?

Posted by oracle on January 16, 2003, at 14:35:33

In reply to Ever Try Writing to a Drug Company?, posted by cubbybear on January 16, 2003, at 10:50:23

Poop out i not well understood and can happen with any AD. Did you really expect an answer
to a question that we have no clue to ?

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