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Psych consult scam???-HELP

Posted by Chloe on December 17, 2001, at 11:50:15

I am trying to get a psychopharm consult ASAP, as my life is spinning out of control.

I got referred to someone a Mclean hosp. and he can see me this Wednesday. BUT, he just changed job descriptions, yadda, yadda, at the hospital and can't accept insurance. SO, I have to pay $250 for a 45 minute appointment. YIKES.

I learned he is head of the department of anxiety and panic disorders at Mclean. My deal is really major depression and BPD, mood dyregulation. Is a psychopharmacologist able to treat any "disorder"? Or should I find one who specializes in BPD?

Am I crazy to shell out this kind of money? I must be desperate that I am even considering it! Do you think I can get insurance reimbursment? Is this just the going rate? And do you think this guy can help me, even if I don't have panic disorder???

thoughts, please?


Re: Psych consult scam???-HELP

Posted by Noa on December 19, 2001, at 19:12:22

In reply to Psych consult scam???-HELP, posted by Chloe on December 17, 2001, at 11:50:15

1. call your insurance to ask about reimbursement. It depends on what kind of coverage you have.
2. If your insurance has a specific list of participating doctors, get a copy of that list.
3. if the cost is prohibitive, tell this doc so and ask if he can refer you to a colleague who is on your insurance plan (show him the list of participating docs if there is one). a bigwhig at McLean should have connections with lots of possible doctors.
3. ask the referal source why they reccommended him specifically--that might help you get a better idea of his area of expertise, etc.
4. ask the referral source if they can recommend a doctor on your insurance (again, show them the list if there is one).
5. for an initial eval, $250 sounds a bit steep to me, but might not be so outrageous for the Boston area (ask around), and factoring in that this doc is a bigwhig at a prestigious hospital, BUT initial evals, I *thought* usually lasted longer, like double that amount of time. In any event, you should ask if that rate is just for the initial eval meeting or is it his regular rate for all sessions.

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