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Obsession with negative thoughts

Posted by JonB on May 29, 2001, at 12:31:23

After over a year on SJW I thought that I was ready to start to wean off of it. At a small maintenance dose of 75 to 150 mg a day of Perika (German) it was fine for several weeks until my first major stressor came up. I was frantically rushing around home and work, packing up for a long Memorial day weekend camping trip and I could feel the anxiety beginning to rise. The anxiety rose and so did my restlessness and my anxiety. To deal with the mild insomnia I took my usual 100mg of Neurotin and also 200mg of Nature's Way Sleep Easy with Valerian. I got a decent night's sleep but the next day my thoughts were obsessively negative and I was overwhelmed with seething conflict. Conflict was in every situation that I faced with that day. I was finding fault with everybody and everything. Without going into details it seemed that I was looking for a fight and could only see conflict and threats everywhere. That night I started a fight with my wife over an old, unresolved issue that I seemed to need to make a poi


Re: Obsession with negative thoughts

Posted by loosmrbls on May 29, 2001, at 12:53:09

In reply to Obsession with negative thoughts, posted by JonB on May 29, 2001, at 12:31:23

I've had this happen a hundred times (read my next post). What worked best for you in the past?

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