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IBS, Food Allergies, & Atypical Depression

Posted by Erin on June 1, 1999, at 2:28:11

I have been dealing with IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (and associated food allergies) for the past year. I am also allergic (technically intolerant) to oranges (and other citric fruits) and milk products. I've been reading about connections between fruitose, IBS, and depression and lactose, IBS, and depression (from PubMed articles). I'm curious to hear about anyone else's food allergy/IBS/depression experiences. Thanks for any input- Erin


Re: IBS, Food Allergies, + Atypical Depression Erin

Posted by white on June 27, 2013, at 16:10:55

In reply to IBS, Food Allergies, & Atypical Depression, posted by Erin on June 1, 1999, at 2:28:11

I think that atypical depression includes some degree of muscular spasticity which may induce IBS or the reverse.this is clear in the leaden paralysis which appears in the atypical depression. Releifing IBS teporarily , leads to a total relaxation from atypical depression.

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