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Posted by GramCam on November 23, 1998, at 7:20:58

Does anyone have any information on withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing Buspar? I can't seem to find any personal experiences about this.


Re: Buspar

Posted by Shirley on November 23, 1998, at 22:27:54

In reply to Buspar, posted by GramCam on November 23, 1998, at 7:20:58

I was taking up to 30mg of Buspar, along with Effexor XR. I was feeling more anxious than ever after 5 weeks, so I scaled the Buspar back to 15 mg (one tab split in half, am and pm). I reduced the Effexor from 225 to 187.5. It's been about 10 days, and I feel great (for once).

I have not experienced any side-effects from reducing the Buspar or Effexor, but I think that is because I'm doing it SLOWLY...not all at once. I'll continue with the Effexor, prob. for a long time, but I'm not sure about the Buspar. If I decide to discontinue it completely at this low dose, I'll run it past my therapist first.

So, my advice is to reduce your dosage gradually, and with the advice of your prescribing physician.

"As always, I am NOT a medical professional." This is just my experience.

Good luck, and--am I allowed to utter this within this context--HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! (What can I say--I'm in a rare good mood).


Re: Buspar

Posted by Travis on June 3, 1999, at 12:31:18

In reply to Buspar, posted by GramCam on November 23, 1998, at 7:20:58

I don't know from personal expierence that there are withdrawl symptoms, but I am taking BuSpar right now, so I am sure that I will find out. I have herd from my local doctor who took it for a while that there aren't any, and none are expected. As far as i know BuSpar is as safe as can be. There are some side effecs, but they are supposed to go away after a while.

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