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Effexor SR

Posted by Carol in Boston on April 21, 1999, at 18:05:03

Has anyone experienced withdrawal from Effexor SR? Just unhappily discovered there was such a thing after missing three doses.


Re: Effexor SR

Posted by saintjames on April 21, 1999, at 21:13:40

In reply to Effexor SR, posted by Carol in Boston on April 21, 1999, at 18:05:03

> Has anyone experienced withdrawal from Effexor SR? Just unhappily discovered there was such a thing after missing three doses.

James here...

Effexor passes thru your body much faster than most AD's so you come off it really fast (even in the SR ) For me I get rather emotional for a few days then level out.



Question for James Re: Effexor

Posted by Nikki on April 25, 1999, at 1:05:41

In reply to Re: Effexor SR, posted by saintjames on April 21, 1999, at 21:13:40

I was reading here and elsewhere about your experience and knowledge of Effexor. You are one of the few people I have heard that have good effects with Effexor. What really scares me is one person on another thread said that their doctor found liver damage from the Effexor. Albeit it seemed reversible, but what other toxicities will be found. The manufacturer has a responsibility to thoroughly test for the contraindications and side effects of treatment with these drugs as well as the docs must let their patients know about any possible side effects so that they can make an educated choice about the medication. I feel that my pyschiatrist gave me this because it was new, novel and well... I had been on just about everything else. Now I am trapped to continue taking this medication if I don't want to be depressed and phsyically ill. I am unemployed now (probably due to the effects of depression on my ability to work), and can't afford the pills, but everytime I go off I can barely move. You get seriously "wigged" out when your neurotransmitter levels are plummeting, your mood is getting worse and worse, you feel like you have the flu, like you were hit by a Mack truck you are so achy, and then the runs start. This must be what hell is like.
> I read one woman who said her boyfriend killed himself because he couldn't take the side effects. At this point I begginning to think I don't blame him.

All this to say, I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions. what other meds have you been on? Is this the only one that worked? Have you tried Wellbutrin? You spoke in another place about missing doses because of limited funds, would you know about getting mental health assistance cheaper or for free? Have you or anyone else ever tried Social Security disability for depression and if yes, how does it work?

You seem so knowledgeable so I hope you don't mind the nosiness. Thanks.


Re: Question for James Re: Effexor

Posted by saintjames on April 27, 1999, at 0:40:00

In reply to Question for James Re: Effexor, posted by Nikki on April 25, 1999, at 1:05:41

The only AD's that work are the ones that effect nor-E and I have tried everything that was new up to Effexor. Except for the TCA's most of the newer AD just effect 5-HT. I've been on Effexor
since it came out in like '95. Labs are fine and I do great. I am considering a med assistant program but I am on an HMO so Effexor just costs
$10 for 90/100 mg tabs (I take 300 mgs)My main problem is that Effexor in non formulary to every 3 months I do a tap dance with the HMO to approve
I awaite the hard facts on Effexors ills.... as much as I like this board I want to see first hand studies and reports b4 I make a personal med
choice. I've tried all the SSRI's to no effect and have been on AD's since 85, after trying many TCA's and others it is clear my depression is lifted by meds that effect nor-E only. When I had breakthru depression while on doxipin we tried augmenting with effexor (like 37-50 mgs) I had such a great responce we raised the effexor to 100mgs and lowered the doxipin to whatever would give me good sleep ~25-75 mgs. Growing tired of the TCA "flat affect" and loss of sexual desire
I now take remeron 15mgs at nite and 200-300 mgs effexor XR....I have just started XR and am trying to find the lowest dose. My doc and I think that I will be able to take a lower dose of the XR than the normal formulation because the dose will be more consistant. It is clear that the Remerom just makes me sleep and has no effect on depression. It flattens the affect some but not as much as the doxipin.

Effexor also works with dopimine pathways and I noticed clearer thinking and focus (I'm ADD)I also notice effects after taking 1 dose (if I have been off it for a while) and for me there is not a 4 week waiting period for full effect.

In general I tend not to have bad side effects with any med...partly because that is just the way I am and also because I am well read, so I always make an informed choice, and know what to expect.

The only bad reaction I had was to Tofranil, the first AD I was one, which made me sweat more than Effexor. I did stick it out (during the summer in Louisiana, no less) and after 4 weeks, one day my depression lifted at once. We moved to doxipin, which was a mainstay (helped my allergies too)
and due to weight gain and flat affect tried each new AD as they came out, prozac, trazodone (not new), Wellby, Zoloft, Paxil. My doc and I did not expect any of these to work because they effect 5-ht and not nor-E, and they did not.

I think you have to remember that most people come to this list because the meds don't work or can't stand sideeffects, so it is not a good sample group to see how the general public will react.

I also have Dr, Estes in Baton Rouge to thank...all others pale in her light !


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