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lithium and butorphenol

Posted by mike on April 6, 1999, at 17:37:33

don't mix! I'd been on lithium with seroxat for a while and hurt my back, something that is not that unusual, I took "brufen" as I usually do and did not connect this to what is euphemistically described as "confusion". This occured the next day came on in sudden bursts of about an hour on followed by an hour off and lasted for 2days. Convinced I was descending into madness I told no-one but as it receded I then confessed to my consultant, lithium was withdrawn and my kidneys (and brain) slowly returned to normal. Apparently lithium uptake is enhanced by Brufen and my Lithium blood levels were not being frequently monitored. In hindsight easy to say do not mix medication but the Brufen was so automatic and I failed to connect the two events because of the delay in onset, resulting in the scariest 2 days I have ever had (and over the last 2years I've had a few!) I hope this just might jog someone into having a little more common sense than I had.

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