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Re: Discontinuing Lithium after many years lynn roberts

Posted by SLS on September 21, 2009, at 16:02:56

In reply to Re: Discontinuing Lithium after many years, posted by lynn roberts on September 21, 2009, at 12:30:19

Hi Lynne.

I hope you don't mind that I changed your post to lower-case. Upper case is much harder to read, and is usually reserved for "shouting" on the Internet.

What was your lithium level at 450mg?

How is your kidney function?

- Scott


> In january 2010 I would of been on lithium for 27 years. I have been extremly sick for about 3 months. Terrible nausea,loss of appetite,very shakey, dizzy and lighteheaded,and phyiscaly- balance problems. Fyi I am bipolar. All my life I've been mostly on the manic side with only a few episodes of depression. Although for about the last 7 years I have experienced long term depression due to several medical problems and life experiences in general. (Fyi another symptom was chronic diaharia). During this period I have experienced several stressors. I have never been so sick for so long. At fist we attributed it to past and present severe gi problems and other medical issues. I also have been trying to quit smoking for the last 3/1/2 months. I imediatly went from about 3 packs a day to 6 to 8 cigeretts a day and continue to do so. Probably a big stressor among others, emotional and physical. ( Fyi if it matters I am 59 years old). I was told by my phych provider to seek medical attenton, because of my medical history it appeared to be a medical issue. So far after medical tests have not found any apparent medical issues. They are still testing, but now I beleive it is lithium related. Then my medical provier reffered me back to my phych provider. I initally was put on a dose of 1800mg of lithium. Over the years they lowered the dose because of several bouts of toxcity. I have been on 450mg for several years. My phych provider then had 2 lithium levels done. My level was high especially at this dose. I was severly toxic. She advised me to discontinue it, because I was on such a low dose. So far after 13 days I have been experienceing terrible withdrwals, extrem nausia, diahria,hair loss, headaches every day and mostly all day long,very little sleep, restless sleep, frequent urination. Also a sensation of phycally burning up. No fever and not hot to the touch, also continual sweating. I was diagnosed in 1977 as having lukacitosis. Another way of saying a elevated white blood count which causes these symptoms. No longer being shakey or dizzy though. These withdrals have been terrible and I feel like they are even worse. I will call my phych provider today. I am writeing this for providers and other people who maybe can relate. I have had a hard time writing this due to the way I feel, but feel it may help someone. I have come to these conclulions because of the docters findings and information on line about lithium, lithium withdrals, and lithium symptoms. Sincerely,




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