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Re: Zoloft

Posted by 49er on August 29, 2009, at 5:45:45

In reply to Zoloft, posted by Buckeye Fan on August 23, 2009, at 7:37:17

Hi BF,

<< The PDoc told me I would have no problem, that the Pristiq would be a "substitute" for the Zoloft...but I have a feeling the two Meds are chemically I think it would be natural for some type of reaction to the ABSENCE of Zoloft...AND the addittion pf Pristiq.
> I am hyper...restless...cant mood flucuates from manic to near suicidal....besides some dizziness, sinus problems...dry painful eyes
> etc...
> What do you think? Withdrawl? Adjustment to the new Med? or Both?>>

With all due respect, your pdoc is misnformed as alot of them are with withdrawal. Actually, I would like to say alot worse but don't want to get banned from this board.

Here are the problems with your situation. You cold turkeyed a med at a high dose which you should never do and no, going on to another drug doesn't substitute for a very slow, careful taper.

The 2nd problem if I remember correctly about Pristiq is the smallest dose is 50mg. As a result, you can't slowly ease into the drug. That is why you are sadly having all those problems which I am so sorry that you're experiencing.

Why did you switch meds?

Personally, if I were going to switch meds, I would pick something that has dosing flexibility and wouldn't be tortorous to get off of. If god forbid, you have to get off of Pristiq, it has a short half life like Effexor which will have a good chance of making withdrawal very tough. Plus there is no dosing flexibility.

Since you are only 5 days out, personally, I would go back to the last dose of Zoloft that you felt stable at. I will wait to read your response before I say anything else.

By the way, I am not a medical professional just so you know. But having tapered down from 4 meds to 1, I learned how to safely taper them and live a somewhat decent life.

Good luck





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