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Re: I am a marijuana addict obsidian

Posted by fayeroe on April 5, 2009, at 14:42:49

In reply to Re: I am a marijuana addict Anwar, posted by obsidian on January 21, 2009, at 20:01:38

> > obsidian, can't help you obtain marijuana, but if you truly believe you're an addict and addicted to marijuana do you really believe that you can use it in moderation? Or, after a brief period of moderate use, do you see yourself over-using marijuana again just like before?
> geez anwar, I can't really answer that. I won't know that until I have it in my posession again.
> >Also, what purpose does marijuana use have in your life? To relax, escape, numb out feelings, highten senses? If you could answer that question maybe you could find a safer, more appropriate (legally)alternative. Or maybe not. Anwar.
> all of the above...
> I could find some of those things in another way.
> for the moment, I shall distract myself from thinking about pot.
> thanks,
> sid

I may be butting in here..I hope not.

Sid, having worked in the field AND having people around me using, I believe that when one starts using again (after quitting for any amount of time) they almost immediately are back at the place when they stepped off the train. I can't think of anyone that I know, or worked with, who could stay with moderation for long.

I have a friend who is the head of a department in a major college here and after he quit for 8 months (to see if the pot was the reason he was so ****ed up) and when he took it back up, he was right where he was when he quit using. He knows that his career could be on the line if the school finds out (his career is very important to him. he loves his teaching) that he is smoking. Yet, he can't cut back. I've been to his house and all at once he would be out of the conversation...he was falling asleep....that is how much he is using now.

Sid, I'm not assuming anything about your pot usage. I can only speak about my life experiences.





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