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Re: How to stop smoking WEED?

Posted by myname20098002 on March 6, 2009, at 2:06:10

In reply to Re: How to stop smoking WEED? Cottonwool, posted by Armourking on May 5, 2008, at 12:32:30

> ok all i know this post is a bit old but it's all i could find,
> I too am in the same boat i live in nz so amsterdamm is out of the question.
> I've been smoking it everyday for around 7 years with the longest break of about two weeks and it was that long ago i don't remember it,
> It has now come to a point where i have to make a descion, i am using smoking to hide my problems, i keep thinking of changing careers as i am not happy (but its the smoking casuing this), my job is fun and challenging and pays very well, it is also hurting my relationship (i'm surprised she's still with me as she doesn't smoke) i smoke myself to sleep so we don't get much bed time together, My motivation and zest for life has gone all i worry about is getting stoned, its now 4am i'm up because i can't sleep because of back pain from eating too much while i have the munchies.
> But i love it too much, coming home after a long hard day and having a cone is what i live for
> But now it has gone too far. All my friends smoke it too but when we get together all we do is just get smashed and sit watching tv or ps3, what ever happened to going out and doing stuff as a group and not getting smashed? i'll tell you habit now all we know of is to go out and get smashed,
> what i'm looking for is some advice on taking the urge away something to kill the time take my mind of what was once as common as taking a pee
> cutting back is not an option as i have found with myself if i have it i wont stop until it's gone.

I haven't touched it in 23 years. Not even once. Have no desire for it. In fact, it repulses me. Before that I was completely addicted to it as you are now.

I can speak only for myself. But I went to a local Christian church where I lived and was prayed over for it after making a dedication of my life to Christ and simply walked away from smoking and toking and never looked back.

Interestingly, many years later I started the wine tasting and social drinking and eventually found myself addicted to alcohol after a few years of that. I went through a Celebrate Recovery course and about six weeks in they prayed for me and that was the last drink I ever took. I have a lot of sobriety over alcohol and never even think about it anymore.

The last addiction on my plate is self-gratification. I am single and celibate and have been for 23 years. Yet I have the plumbing and desire to be married so it's a struggle. I would like to overcome that last frontier and then I would really be living a pure life.

Anyways, sorry recovery doesn't come in a pill but I have had good results with God and 12 step recovery. Best wishes. It is so important for each of us to overcome.




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