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Re: love of amphetamines

Posted by Festus on October 23, 2003, at 23:21:19

In reply to love of amphetamines, posted by endloseschmerz on October 23, 2003, at 20:14:42

Hello to you,fellow-Psycho-Babbler.First of all,you need not worry,this ain,t gonna be no lecture-letter or nothin.If you are old enough to go to some foreign country and fight in a war,then you,re old enough to not be lectured.I just have a few questions,like,what kind of drug abuse have you seen?Sounds like you know a good deal about long-term effects of Amphetamine abuse.You are right about the outcome of it.Have you seen it first-hand?I know you said you,ve been on a 2 year run,yourself,but one thing about your case is that from 16 to 18,you,ve done it at an age where you,ve probly gotten mostly a good case of gettin ragged out enough to see that it won,t be long till you ain,t gonna be able to get that "feeling"anymore.You know the feeling I,m talkin about.It,s the reason you started takin em in the first place.But,then again,you also understand about tolerance and metabolite build-up in the body and Adrenal glands getting totally depleted and the cardio-pulmonary system aging at the rate of about 10-15 years to every one year that you do what you,re doin and,hey,don,t forget about what happens if you run out of em.Don,t you hate that and worry about it?Unless you know you got a pill tree or some kinda relative working for the pharmacy,or,man,how DO you afford to keep up your habit?Don,t take me wrong,Dude,I,m truly just wonderin ,how do you stay in pills?You don,t HAVE to answer any of these questions,but on this forum if you don,t answer them,somebody else will come along and ask em to you all over again.Remember what this forum is about.We,d just like to hear more of your story.I don,t really know the answer to your question about the highest amount of stims one can take before their heart explodes.It,s hard to know the answer.The biggest problem is they never live to tell you how much they took.Festus




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