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transferring back to my day colleges, med appeal

Posted by utopizen on October 29, 2008, at 20:43:03

so I sat down with my Dean... without boring anyone with details, I sort of had to temporarily (for a few years) do part-time work in night school, to make up deficiencies...

the good news is, if it's below a C-, and it happened while in night school, I don't get it transferred (GPA Booster, yay!). My grades are rather eclectic.

Bad news: I could be stuck in night school, if my case that will be going to the Deans in a week or so is denied. Which probably could have been avoided altogether, had I not been so naive to think writing a letter substantiating my medical issues myself was wise.

(My M.D. a month later told me, "Um, we're doctors. We can write notes.") I felt so stupid for that... anyhow...

Anyone who ever had an appeal letter or exclusal letter for any reason by an M.D.: Please advise what I should guide my doc to write.

Last time I ever asked him to write a note, it was rather not so convincing of his lawyer-esqueness. Which is odd, 'cos he's really smart, is brand name teaching doc, and you don't get there without being tactful. I'm not sure...

My Dean, who is a a Dean assigned for Seniors, said basically he'll act as "my lawyer" in ways to advocate for best case, know what I need to get to give things
He said "have your doctor write medical release for documentation, if you're comfortable with that"

um I have no idea why Deans would ever pretend to think they can interpret medical records whatsoever. that, and whenever u release such records to a non-medical entity, it means they can Xerox it and plaster the walls with the stuff if they wanted to, and it wouldn't be illegal. Not that I care, but, it's absurd.

Anyhow, was thinking of just any advice for what my doc should use to write letter...

oh, I have ADH/D my disabilities office has recgonized it, had test from hospital - comprehensive neuropsylogical eval at its ADHD center... does this help? Under Disabilities Act, wouldn't this be a certain accomodation they'd have to at least weight into mix?

anyone's advice, experiences, please, thanks =)




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