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Re: Going back to skool - Any tips for waking up early nfc

Posted by llurpsienoodle on August 17, 2008, at 9:54:31

In reply to Re: Going back to skool - Any tips for waking up early llurpsienoodle, posted by nfc on August 16, 2008, at 17:37:59

> hey llurps,

Nope- everyone calls me different things, which I find amusing lol

> hope u don't mind me calling u that. thanks for the info. yeah i will try experimenting during the beginning of the semester to find what works. red bull sounds good too! What do u take abilify for and what dosage are u on? I take it cuz i've been dx'd w/ skits. and do u notice that you're heartrate is a bit low also because of being on abilify?

I took atypical AP's for about 2 years because of flashbacks and little hallucinations related to post-traumatic stress disorder. I took 5mg of abilify for about 3 mos, and 10mg for about 6 mos. It was BY FAR the best AP I've ever taken-- not fattening, not sedating (except for the first 2 hours). Only side-effect was that I was a big clumsy. oh well. Recently I discontinued abilify, because I haven't had PTSD stuff in a while. I took 3 weeks of 5mg and then quit altogether about 2 weeks ago. My mind has been busy- racing thoughts and stuff, but that is starting to dissipate.

> well i should be off to costco these upcoming days to stock up on some red bull u just mentioned. I've never tried red bull. hows the taste? for my kick i usually drink up costco lattes. them cheap stuff that still tastes quite good. on average i drink 2-3 a day and I calculated that it'll take like a 2 week paycheck to pay for what I drink in a year. If i count my starbucks purchases w/ that, omg i dunno how much more i'm spending. hmmm...I should invest in own machine maybe???
> thanks and talk to u later,
> nfc

try out the redbull before your first class- it might make you feel too revved up. You don't want to feel panicked!

best wishes,

low heartrate- maybe a little bit, very occasional episodes, but nothing that was alarming. I rarely exercise, so...




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