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Challenging English class

Posted by Ann78 on October 2, 2007, at 20:35:49

This is what my English Paper assignment looks like. It is challenging coming up with a topic and common sense questions that the general, Educated readers might have. My area of interest is trauma.

Investigation Paper

In an investigation, you are drawing upon the same human impulse that wants to know more about a person you meet, a career you envision, a city you visit, or a personal or public issue. It’s a work by an inquiring writer for an inquiring reader.
It content comes from asking questions, the questions that interested, educated people might have. Use the reporter’s “Wh” questions—who, why, where, when, & how—as a guide.
With you questions in mind, you will need to seek out informed sources, whether published material or knowledgeable people. You might find good information at the library, by interviewing an expert or an eyewitness, or maybe a participant. If used selectively and prudently, the internet might even be useful.
Once you have collected some good information that addresses the relevant questions, you will then present your findings in an article similar to what might appear in a respectable newspaper or magazine. Your audience will be a general, college-educated reader.
In assembling and writing your information, you will be making use of summarizing, paraphrasing, synthesizing, and direct quotations. All sources should be appropriately cited and documented.

Chose a topic that is meaningful and relevant to a general, college educated audience. Avoid topics wich are over-done and overly-familiar (legalization of marijuana, euthanasia, eating disorders, performing enhancing drugs, etc….), unless you feel that you can make a unique contribution to our understanding. If you feel compelled to use such a topic, consider investigation it as a local issue. For example, investigating the use of performance enhancing drugs on this campus or in local high schools would be more interesting. Also, consider topics which touch your life, what you might bring some experience to, which might be under the radar. For example, the economics of college social life, cheating in college or high school, and all sorts of things about relationships could be investigated.

--Choose a meaningful topic that’s interesting to you and a general, educated audience
--Brainstorm the most likely, reasonable questions an audience might have
--Seek out the sources that best answer the questions.
--The questions, in your hands, should drive the paper. Sources should be used for a purpose, not simply because they’re easily available.
--This is not an argument. As an investigator, your role is to help us understand.
--All sources should be documented according to MLA standards. Make copies of any text or internet sources that are used.

Length: What ever does it to do it well, does it cover the topic. Have you answered the relevant questions. 4-5 pages, more or less.
-Use common sense questions.
-Blending personal experience as a way of shedding light of the subject.
-A paper with a human touch.
-Basic curiosity and wonder.




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