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Survived the first week -- mostly

Posted by Racer on August 31, 2007, at 11:38:15

I still have the orientation for my online class, but I've survived the classroom for the other three.

One I feel self-conscious in: Physical Anthropology. Partly, it's just that I'm so much older than anyone else there. Partly, it's that I so much want the instructor to like me -- ah, psychopathology in the classroom... Otherwise, it's one of those subjects which I love so much, I'm looking forward to it. I hope I do well.

Then there's the Physical Anthro lab class, with another instructor. I feel much more confident in there, and have already learned something I didn't know -- I'd never heard of siamangs, as far as I know. What astounding creatures we have in this world!

The online class will be Social Psychology, and I like the instructor, although again -- approval seeking takes a lot of energy... It's easier for me online, though. (Duh -- like anyone here wouldn't have figured that out about me, huh?)

And finally, the problem class: Nutritional Science... The problem is my usual need for approval, combined with my fervent anti-obesity-scare-mongering. I've read too much about the *lack* of dangers associated with overweight, the politics of the anti-obesity campaign, the myths, the poor statistical methodology, and overwhelming bias involved in virtually all the research. I'm so afraid I'll say too much, too stridently, and end up with everyone thinking I'm an @$$.

My T, of course, is afraid it'll trigger more behaviors... (And I, of course, am rather hoping it helps me get my weight down some...)

Anyway, that's my schedule this term. I'm hoping I don't feel too overwhelmed by all of it, because I've limited myself to two classes up until now. But I figured, the online class will be relaxing, for the most part, and I'm not taking any mathematics, and I can blame Poet if it's too much for me, so what the hell?

Wish me self-confidence and self-acceptance, will you? Luck doesn't enter into it, as far as I'm concerned...




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