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how much money

Posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2022, at 14:48:41

do you think you would need to pay the university of auckland to rape a girl?

do you thikn they send out a price list at the start of the year?

suppose the son of a judge or whatever decides that he wants to rape a girl or two...

suppose a little cohort of private school boys (ones who were beat when they arrived who were taught to beat the year behind them and be beaten by the year ahead of them i mean being beaten with bats and bed legs and so on)...

they decide that they are going to rape as many first year girls as they can with the aim of getting tehm to drop out of first year health science or law or whatever because it's sooooo competitive. so they record their trophies. maybe as evidnce they need to collect their underwear or take pictures or photos. i guess that would make sense. get a photograph of them drunk and passed out. along with used underwear. something like that i would suppose.

and the aim or the goal orthe plurpose or the point is to get as many of the cohort to dro pout as you can get away wit it.

then rinse and repeat that for every year of the degree.

i wonder how much money a parent would need to pay the university to keep the girls quiet. and so on.

i htink that something like that was working or operating at the university of auckland. i think that migh tbe so or might be the case.

there was one thing in the newspapaer about a student who claimed to have been raped in her residential hall. the univeristy response was to put her in the grafton psychiatric hospital for a while or a time. then they said that since she hadn't informed the university that she was not attending classes and so on becuase she was in the psych hospital she was overstaying her student visa and she needed to get out of the country.

so they put her on a plane. she said later that she wanted to return and her mother said she would return to nz with her. finisht he degree. but they said they would not reenrol her in the university. no degree for her. she was her final year of a bachelor of health science bachelor of something else double degree. so they collected up 4 years of full time funding for her as an international student and they deported her before the completion of her 5th year so she came out with no degrees. no graduation.

so the psychiatry seemed to be about coverin gthe crimes that were occurring at the university.


apparently the only consultant psychiatrist at grafton in auckland was obgyn... in spain? something like that... and he goes from there to doing a PhD with Professor Glue at Otago in something to do with neuro. And he goes from that to head of psychiatry (professor so teachign all the studnets and taking control of the secure ward where the patients don't have visitors)...

ANd professor glue is doing experiments with giving people anasthetic to knkock them out and apparently when they wake up they say they feel better. Horse Tranquiliser and anesthetics. because we don't have first world medications or treatments here. THey get this idea of drugging people so they don't remember being sexualy molested in the name of surgery. Just checking their cervix to sign off the medical studnets as just following orders to check the cervix of patients without their consent because that's what's required to get your medical degree these days, by teh seems of it.

And they are doing experiments on LSD. Of course. Induce hallucinations and write them up as schizophrenic and throw away the key.

Unlawful detention unlawful detention unlawful detention. up and down the land. no functioing health system. no functioning judicary. ntohign to see nothing nothing nothing at all.

I don't suppose things are any different in teh US...

Not so far as I can see.

Nobody seems to have a problem, internationally, on the world stage, with the governmetn or state of new zealand.

it's all perfectly fine and normal and acceptbale. nothing to see. no problems. no oproblems at all.

seems to be the message they want me to reecive.

the dark ages, to be sure. not the finest hour or finest time for humanity.

but then nzl never stopped with the WWII atrocities. yeah. that's the thing of it.

that's why they go on about reporting false stats about life expectancy and the like. the number of people shipped off to the death camps. picked off one at a tiem in the name of healthcare.




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