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Re: arsebook

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 22:31:04

In reply to Re: arsebook, posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 22:25:11

There used to be a post-modernist essay generator. It would generate something that was supposedly indistinguishable from the articles that are published in post-modernist journals.

It was a joke -- that isn't. In the same way that the 'don't break the chain of citation' blackmail chain letter was...

There are also 'post-modernist essay graders'.

There are also 'post-modernist maths question generators' and also grading softwares. So that you can tell people they fail their maths class or they fail the literacy requirement or whatever.

Garbage garble output.

I think that probably most of the 'work' that is credited to the professors and the like in the US Ivy League and the like will in fact turn out to be grading grinder or turn it in submissions from students in developing nations. Or from 'second tier' universities and the like. Places where they think they can easily or readily flunk the student out or bully them away so that people won't know that they have stolen their work.

I suppose the solution is to self-publish everything.

All your assignments and everything. Your college application letter. Everything. All of the things like that. The best guard you have against other people claiming it as their own is you publishing it yourself.

Of course then they could up the ante and imprison you or whatever... Take your website out or down.

If that is where things are at.

Really? Those are the lengths the psychopaths go to in order to keep dependents...

What a f*ck*ng sh*t show of a farce...




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