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Re: little red hen

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 22:04:10

In reply to Re: little red hen, posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 21:48:18

the best sense to be made is that others are passing my work off as their own.

early on...

i posted writing that i had done up here on these webpages.

writing on dissociative identity disorder and the nature of the self.

dr bob invited some guy from Harvard along to discuss things with people on the psychology board.

I think i remember pressing him quite hard on a point... Anyway...

i self published on my website. yeah.

i did not post anything here that i did not present (previously) at various conferences. i have posted the conference proceedings (i kept powerpoints and written versions of my work) on my website. so that if people have stolen it, or whatever, people can prove that.

i think that is the way of it, now.

i think that is what is happening with Turnitin. I imagine that people on payroll as profesors in teh Ivy League are passing off undergraduates work as their own (are getting credit for it in the journals and the like) and are probably presenting it at conferences, too. Then they just make sure the student is failed out of the University at teh first opportunity. I guess that would be how it would go.

I think likely the journal editors do that, too. They get submissions from junior people and they take from tehm and then give teh submissions to more senior people at different universiteis. They delay things until the studnets who wrote it are flunked out so they are less likely to disover that someone else has published their work and claimed it as their own.

I guess sometimes it is to silence people for political reasons. But I would imagine that when a whole field turns (as philosophy has) that there is something more going on...

I guess it is also at least partly the case that most peole are, shall we say, more 'adaptive' or able to play a game. Other people are better able than me to bite their tongues...

I am impressed, often, by how well CohhCarnage demonstrates (at times) how he was able to bite his tongue when he was working in IT support when people were being rude to him and the problem had more to do with their own stupidity. That kind of thing...

I think that a lot of academics are frustrated and unhappy with the present state of academia but they are better at biting their tongues and they are sort of biding their time hoping that things will change (genuinely) but are actually not wanting to make waves because they have dependents. Sometimes even of legal depenency age...

So they keep their mouths shut when it comes to administration.

I don't know how much control academics have over grades or whatever anymore in the face of administration.

I have evidence that Kim Sterelny was responsible for efforts to undermine my recent enrolment with ANU. He refused to suply me with a reference -- their admin informed me of that and asked me if there was someone else I wanted to ask. He supplied admin with information (about my submission date) but he did not supply me with that same information (he just told me to keep working if he bothered speaking to me or emailing me at all).

Well. So. There is my answer there.

He used to say about how the reputation of the ANU always depended on one or two 'superstars' That is how they would put it. Certain academics had rock-star status. So.. Dave Chalmers went to NYU. Not entirely sure why... I mean to say, I don't know why he was at ANU for however many years. He had the centre for excellence centre for consciousness. But then they took it away and he left for the US. I don't know the order of events. If he left because the Australian Government stopped funding the research centre or if he got offers from the US.. I don't know...

Anyway... So then they were making various offers to various people... And Schaffer came along with his former studnet... Who he went on to marry... They both came for a while as part of legitimising their relationship or something and then they both ended up back somewhere in the US both on payroll I think...

And he wouldnd't sign off on his Irish student for quite soem time if ever... She was workign really hard on her thesis while he was overseas not really supervising. Then he comes back and she gives her midterm and he totally trashed it in front of everone. He went on about how everything was wrong and it was all garbage.

And Sterelny's eyes lit up with possibility or potential. I suppose.





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