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little red hen

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 21:37:22

so this isn't little red hen, it's something else...

when i said to people that i did not want a job in philosophy anymore.. That's what Tery said. And they allowed him to complete his PhD. that's right... He isn't going to be applying for Philosophy jobs. They can say that no local person has the willingness or ability to work the job so justify hiring a foreign person to do it... it didn't disarm them the way that he seemed able to disarm then, though.

maybe because they thought that working in a video store for minimum wage was something they could tolerate or bear because they could go 'snigger snigger snigger we are better than him and he did not make it'.

but when i said I wanted to become a medical doctor instead... that had the function of... it didn't disarm them... it made them bring out the nukes. 'you think you are better than us'. was the whole sort of thing, there. the reaction.

um... actually i'm not really into the whole hierarchy thing. the fact that i believe in equality rather than hierarchy is better, imho... but that's because i don't believe i'm better than you...


know what i did not hear from anybody...

i did not hear anybody say or go 'hey. i'm interested in doing that too... why don't we see if we can work together and help both of us get to do that.'

nobody said that...

they just decided to prove to me that since i thought i was better than them that makes me worse...

i don't get to have a phd in philosophy because i need to find some job as a cleaner or similar in their mind...

i think they quite liked me serving them food when i worked at university house... they liked the idea that i would be someone they would employ to do the catering for their party party parties. if i didn't wnat to party with them then i could serve tehm. right?

they trusted me... that no matter how badly they treated me... i wouldn't poison their food.

but they did not want me to become medical doctor.

go figure.

it's not little red hen... it's something else...




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