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Re: australian constitution

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 20:13:21

In reply to australian constitution, posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 19:58:41

there is basically one guy (kim sterelny) who, so far as i can see, functions as the 'god of the philosophers' or the chief executor of the philosophy where he gets to decide who gets all the research funding and what will be funded and so on...

i mean, he feels that it is perfectly fine or acceptable for him to pronounce to me that he feels that he has decided what is a good lifeway for me and it is one where there is a job for me over his dead body.

he writes about the work that was done, quite a lot of it, where you take animals and you raise them in cages to do medical experiementation on them. the macquaque monkeys etc in harvard.

then think about the harry harlow deprivation in the name of love experiments etc. the kinds of research that marc hauser was doing.

i would imagine that the primary function or reason for the primate research laboratories was to do chemistry or biochemistry kinds of torture in the name of medical science research primarily or mostly.

so if you were to read the ethics board applications for funding or approval they would say things like how they needed to replicate for the n+1th time that such and such a dosage of a thing fairly intuitivevely obviously toxic really was toxic... because it's part of training the next generation in repeating the crimes of the previous in the name of replicability...

but the social science aspects was also fun for people, i suppose. keepign critters in conditions of deprivation and torture because... well, it's fun, i suppose. it's so joyous to be head of a research laboratory with primates kept in conditions that are toxic and horrible for them.

the macquaques.

but why stop there?

the graduate students.

but why stop there?

and of course the laboratory findings don't have real world applicability because the real woudl is not the heavily structured environment of the labotory.

so now we have our design plans for the world outside the laboratory!



to choose to invest in that which you want to see more of...

the prevention and prohibition of social development.

keeping people in conditions of torture.

don't see any people. zombies the world over. won't be pleased until the only homo sapiens are acting like harry harlows monkeys escaped...

no arts. culture. justice. fairness.

meaning. value.

nothign to live for.

the final solution. most efficient. maximally efficeint. no waste. nothing. nothing. nothign at all.

dark ages, indeed.

has been taken over by psychopaths or sociopaths, in fact.

but apparently it's okay...

because the nazis were only committing atrocities against the 'other'. apparently they were wonderful loving husbands and fathers and brothers on their off days. yeah right. nodboy would say otherwise therefore...

and it's trivial to serve justice on mondays and themselves as gods every other day of the week. yeah right.


and it isn't just philosophy. it's history of labor in new zealand as well. and australia of course.

penal colony.

by design.

the government of new zealand and australia takes itself to be (today) managing or administrating a penal colony where the idea/l appears to be as punitave towards as many as you can be for as long as you are getting away with it.


I guess it's sometihng to do with 'and it takes the minerals and it puts them on the dump truck and it hands them over'.

and so australia is only just barely barely barely able or allowed to have rudiments of manufacturing...




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