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Dark Ages

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 19:07:25

In reply to Mackenzie Friend, posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 19:02:36

I think that is right.

We are presently or currently living in a period that is rightly a kind or a sort of dark age.

Much of the progress that has been made previously is currently being ignored or bypassed or whatever. Books literally burned. Knowledge literally being ignored or blatantly denied.

The Governments are not allowing there to be universities etc. Are not employing staff.

The NZ Government goes on and on and on and on about the only money going into the public schools when it comes to teachers.. Is money that is going to MARKETERS and RECRUITMENT PEOPLE and MANAGERS and ADMINISTRATORS. And that's basically true of everything. There aren't any paid doctors or nurses or teachers or university academics etc etc etc. There are some people on payroll to ensure that the actual activity for which they are nominally paid is never performed... Not by them. Not by anyone.

THe research that is funded is a thin weak poor excuse for why they are getting people to participate in or engage in.. Torturing animals. Making people sick. Killing things. Etc. That is pretty much the only kind of research they will fund or allow to be done. THe arts and culture and academic stuff... Mostly it is about how there aren't any people... There aren't any people... We are all just monkeys or whatever. You get a million monkeys typing for a million years and they will come up with the works of shakespeare. Right? You get a class of 60 to write you essays and then you copy-paste it together for your own publication. Right? You get Google to compile you a summary? You take all the submissions to the journals and you ensure the people with capacity are failed out of their universities and then...

There's nothing there...

Nobody home...




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