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quiet quitting

Posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 18:17:15

so there are news articles on this phenomenon that is apparently taking the world by storm...

brought to you by the New Zealand Government propaganda campaign, no doubt. Yawn.

apparently what you do to show protest or objection is you 'quietly quit'. by which they mean you turn up to your job, follow orders, and shut the f*ck up, otherwise.

people often wonder why things are so terrible in new zealand. why the people employed into certain positions seem to be so stupid. so incompetent. so unable to do any of the things that they are supposed to be doing.

processing visas or whatever. processing applications to enrol. processing graduations. processing government paychecks for the teachers and so on...

and it turns out that these people have managers who tell them what to do and they are supposed to 'quiet quit' which means they get paycheck for doing what they are told and shutting the f*ck up otherwise...

otherwise they won't get paycheck and they get a little mark against their name so that they never will be on paycheck.

i think you have to be a pedophile to get a reference to teach and a pay check. i think that is the idea/l of it. then the teacher can single out a couple to be 'special' so the entire cohort hates them and abuses them also... that's an important lesson right then and there. for control of the classroom population. right? how you get 30+ students in a classroom all trying not to come to the attention of the teacher -- else or becuase if they do they must be asking for it. right? and the other students can just be quietly grateful that they weren't singled out. they can be quiet. they can shut the f*ck up. right?

and that's teaching. but it's the same thing all over the show. right? the unviversity. the summer internships at the only law firm that the judges come from.? pick out most rape-y at law camp to be made judge before they turn 25 or similar? no? that's now how it works? really? wehre's the evidence of that?

of how it does not work.

i guess things don't appear to be working in the us, either. before covid... seeing the swarms or hoards of people at the beaches etc. need for hurricanes and the like to get them off the beaches. swarms of people...

too many people?

the fact they choose to huddle or congregate together en masse and once they are in that state the rioting.

anyway... whatever.

just curl up and die (quietly quit) so that others can appropriate your payckeck. sounds like a governmetn propaganda campaign to me. right?

hey, know what you should do? just lie flat, bro. just lie down and die. most efficient economy in the world.

didn't you know the final solution (annihiliation of everything and everyone) was the most efficient position?

that's what they've been working towards. no?

evidence to the contrary....




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