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i do not mean to deny the holocaust

Posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 18:03:27

that isn't what i mean. i think the evidence is pretty clear that various atrocities happened in fact in Germany.

but i think that there is also pretty clear evidence (that is mostly ignored) of similar sorts of atrocities happening in various other nations, both around that time, and ongoing into the present.

the worst offenses, today, are likely to be those committed by nations that did not hold anybody to account for atrocities around the time of WWII. because they thought the laws or whatever only applied to the Germans because they lost the war.

so the people of the USA or New Zealand or Australasia think little to nothing of managing their people really rather similarly to how the Nazis managed many people around the time of WWII.

partly... We hear about the gas chambers and about people being gassed en masse. I guess that's how they cull cows and sheep and pigs for meat processing these days. I don't know if people are being killed in the meat processing plants in New Zealand and Australia and the USA. If one in 5 of every cull... Or what. How that goes. I guess that would be more likely... You would put a person or two into mostly animals. Rather than killing 30 or 50 people in one go. I mean to say. That would make the most sense of it.

What reason do we have to believe that this kind of thing does not happen? What seems most likely to you? Given how the Government talks about the people, I mean to say. Whether they speak of the people respectfully. Whether they are respectful of their freedoms and rights. Whether they are respectful in speaking as though people are basically intelligent and capable of expressing their own decisions. Or whether they are paternalistic. Or worse. Whether they are gaslighting ignoring and undermining of the legitimate concerns of the people. You wonder, when the later occurs, just how far they are going, just how extreme the situation is in their undermining.

You can read the reports of the Ombudsman of the things that he sees when he visits the hospitals and the prisons and so on. These are things that they choose to show him because they know exactly when he is coming weeks ahead of his visit and they pick out his tour route. I mean to say, he does not get a map in advance and get to take a look in the basement. They choose what rooms he is shown and so on. They choose what is on the menu today. So, given that state of the situation... You would actually expect him to be writing how he sees, hears, how there is... NO evil. Is that what he says? No. He says that even when his visits are performed under those conditions... He sees evidnece of torture. Of being people held in conditions that are unlawful.

Tee hee!!! See how blatant the Governmetn can be. And nobody can or will do anythign about it. Right?


Why would they choose to show the Ombudsman atrocities when they could easily choose not to? Given that htey can make arrangements for his visit?

That's just yet another mechanism of oppression.

People KNOW ABOUT IT and NOTHING. No consequences. No sanctions.

Read the judgements of the Supreme Court. Word Salad. The judges are refusing to uphold justice. Refusing to demonstate the most basic understanding of what justice might be or what it looks like.


Expression of power.

The art that was about the Medical School. The voyeristic pictures. The torture device sculptures.

It's just a 'and what are you going to do about it' way of threatenign the people and keepilng the people in opppression.

Even if you speak out -- speaking out will only make things worse.


That's the major lesson or moral that they want to get across.

There is no alternative.

The Nazi's. Right? They say 'torture this one and act like you enjoy it' otherwise... SOmeone else will torture them worse and they will torture you as well. Right? All the work that goes into trying to make torturing others the only rational position. The only acceptable position. The only reasonable thing to do.

Yes. Things really are that bad, in New Zealand.

Is it coming from Harvard? This desire to roll out the Harry Harlow Primate Research Laboratory or the Marc Hauser Primate Research Laboratory to an entire population?

Not desire... Pressure. Force. It will be done.

Of course Hauser and Harlow were doing 'soft sciences' of biology and psychology. Think of the worse medical atrocities when it comes to the more technical aspects of biological science research and chemistry and so on.

They aren't even trying to be humane.

ANy semblance of that is thinly veiled, indeed.




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