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the lengths they go to to try and make harvard...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 17:44:43

In reply to no references for the detainees, posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 17:22:15

look good.


but Harvard went and gave an honorary PhD in law to jacinda ardern because of why?

which completely and totally undermines the value of a Harvard PhD.

And apparently it doesn't matter because it wasnt' a MD or a JD it was a PhD. and nobody will ever employ her to teach or read her research writing on law... well.. i don't know. maybe that's on the poli sci reading list, these days. the momoirs of new zealand politicians...

i am not entirely sure what that was about.

maybe it was to expose the fact that the 2 year masters degrees that Harvard and Yale had offered previously in public health and law were honorary degrees given to the children of elite officicals rather than degrees that would be acknowledged or meant anything in the USA.

but then there is that idiot from university of auckland.. the medical admissions dean who can't calculate a GPA according to published algorithm. actually, i don't think he is an idiot for not having done it properly in the first place. i think he is worse than an idiot in fact for refusing to put right the wrong when the wrong was made apparent.

i mean... the way they calcualted my GPA was in obvious violation of their algorithm. Best 120 points, per year, including summer school papers when the summer school papers are at stage 2 level or above. Part time years (when you do less than 120 points) don't count. They don't count when you get an A+ (bringing your GPA closer to 9) and they also don't count when you get less than an A+ (bringing your GPA closer to 8). They calcualted my GPA on teh basis of 1 part time year (taking more than 12 months to complete 12 months of researh means the student has been forced to part-time credit). They ignored summer school papers at stage 2 and 3 to calculate my WORST rather than BEST GPA for the full time years. The way tehy calculated my GPA is in blatant violation of their published algorithm for each of the 3 years they calculated it over. I showed them how to do it (at least one way) that did not violate their own algorithm. But they are too stupid and or too corrupt to right their wrongs.

Apparently the solution is that my GPA does not count because I am too old. No... Because my GPA is too old. THey reappoint judges who have been retired (because they are over 65 years old). That is not the proper process for appointing judges. They are refusing to appoint new judges. They haul judges out of retirement (Judges with their 2 year masters in Law from Yale) to tell me that Waikato won't give me my MA because I tried to complete 1 year of research in 1 year by submitting my thesis in time for the external examiantion process to be wrapped up within 12 months. So I wouldn't have to pay for re-enrolment and I wouldn't have to accept part time credit for my full time work. They say that I tried to complete 1 year of research 'too early'.

The thing is that they have it in their heads that if the externals say that there is so much as one typographical error, then the Univesrity is justified in saying that the studnet is required to re-enroll for 6 months to make the changes. If the external says a comma needs to be put in. That a reference needs to be added. They are betting on psychology whereby if you examine something you feel obliged to imprint yourself on it in some way. Piss in a corner of it or whatever. Leave something so that you feel you were part of it's creation. Otherwise you won't accept it. So they bet on the externals finding something that needs changing. So they say they always require studnets to undergo a second external examiantion.

So that means that you enrol in a 1 year masters. You post-modernist essay generate teh entire thing and submit it for external examination on day 1. That will be a busy day. You generate it in teh morning and get it bound in the afternoon and you walk it up to the university (dodging the snipers in teh clocktower) so it is submitted on day 1 of your enrolment.

the externals and teh university takes 3 months to tell you that you are required to be enrolled for another 6 months and make the changes the examiners have said you make.

So that brings us to 9 months.

But then it will need to undergo another 3 months of external examination!

That brings us to 12 months.

But if the externals find a typo or something the Univesrity can require you take up to 10 weeks to make those changes.

But you need to be formally enrolled when you submit the thesis in fulfilment of regulations. So you will need to beg and plead and do anything anything anything to pay 10 weeks extra fees for them to accept the thesis in fulfilment of ergulations for hte degree.

and so it's at their discretion.

and then they won't write you references -- becuase htey don't want you hvaing paid work anywhere anywhere anywhere at all.

and that's that.

time to die.

better luck next generation.

There's nothing here.

It isn't like the US is any different. Right?

Brown... People pay.. What? $1 million USD to do an undergrad and a Medical Degree from the Ivy League in the USA.

And then what happens?

Well... They aren't going to give you a supervised internship / they aren't going to sign off on your completion of a supervised internship. Here are your options. (1) You can graduate early (that is to say they will give you an 'honorary degree' since you did not complete the requirements for graduation actually. (2) You can delay or post-pone your graduation indefinately.


Was the entire graduating cohort honorary, then? You pay 1 million USD for an honorary medical degree from the Ivy League.

Nobody will pay you to work that job.

There arent' any medicla doctors in the US, it seems.

I suppose the next thing is terrrorist attcaks blowing up graduation.

I guess it is supposed to be progress or an advancemetn on the previous situation of pretending that the Germans were exterminating people in teh detention camps. each nation is taking responsibility for it's own culling of the people who aren't psychopathic enough to have 'made it'.

Mmm hmmm.

And then they get sick.


Nasty Bruitish and short.

I guess we are supposed to want it to be. Because the only alternative is judges out of retirement and Kim Sterelny collecting up all the research fundign for himself. Though I suspect these people are literally dead. It's just tha they are on payroll and their paycheck is mostly diverted by third parties who are invested in hving them remain on payroll so they can continue to divert the paycheque.




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