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no references for the detainees

Posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 17:22:15

In reply to no research supervision at Australian National Uni, posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 17:09:49

i do a summer research scholarship at the ANU.

Professor Martin Davies refuses to write me a reference for the work I did for him over the summer.

I suppose that is because the point of the summer research scholarship progarmme at the ANU is to ensure that people stay detained there and do not go from there to anyhwere else.

they then enrol me in their PhD programme. After having refused to write me references for me to have options to go anywhere else. They enrol me in their own programme. I mean to say they judge my work to be good enough for them to want to keep me enrolled so they can claim money from the Autralian government for keeping me deatained as a local studnet (NZers are local studnets when it suits the Australian Goverment and not otherwise) but not good enough for them to write me a reference so I can apply to get out of Australasia.

My file notes say that before they chose to enrol me in the PhD programme they chose Kim Sterelny to be my supervisor and he chose my research topic. He wrote in my file notes that he read my writing samples and judged them to be good enough. He said he thought I seemed professional and 'might be a finisher'. He said he would superviser me on the topic of evolutionary aspects to cognitive breakdown.

He subsequently did not meet with me. Hardly ever asked to see my work. Maybe only once made written comments on my work (very general ones indicating, for example, t hat there was an entire book that I should read for some unspecified reason). He wrote only in my notes that he supported me getting extension after extension after extension for reenrollment after reenrollment after reenrollment. He wrote in my notes (but did not write to me) saying I had nearly a full draft, I had a full draft, I should submit in a certain month. He never told me that I should do that / that I was allowed to do that / that I should just get on and do that.

What is normal or typical or standard? I would imagine that for his other students who completed he would have told them to submit the thesis for examination. He never told me that.

I enrolled wtih Waikato and submitted my theiss for examination when my supervisor Justine Kingsbury (Rutgers Graduate) is having a screaming hissy fit break-down of a tantrum that I should NOT be submitting my thesis WITHOUT HER PERMISSIOn and she was NEVER GOING TO GIVE ME HER PERMISSION

Then the University threw it into their basement and refused to get it to texternals. Apparently I voluntarily chos eto withhdraw my thesis submission. They have no written evidence (when my only communication with them was via written email).

But the judge says none of this matters because I was trying to submit too early.

Because I applied to be enrolled in a 120 point 1 year 1 EFT programme of study and that means I need to work for at least 12 months before being allowed to submit for examination (so I am then forced to pay for 3 months extra time while it is being externally examined and then 6 months extra time because the outcome of 'first examination' is always decided by the university admnistration that no matter what the externals say 6 months re-enrolmetn is required, and then another 3 months external examination for another 12 months on what was only a 12 month enrolment and then up to 10 weeks of extra changes. But they need to say when it 's okaky to submit the 10 weeks kof extra changes. ANd they have discretion to say that they won't letl you submit your 10 weeks of extra changes...


Becuase that's what Univesrity meeeeeeeeeeeeans.


You should see how they go about selecting and training the 'medical doctors'.

There's nothign here.


Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nothing.




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