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no research supervision at Australian National Uni

Posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 17:09:49

In reply to Re: maths salad, posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 17:00:57

I applied to do a PhD with the ANU in 2021 to see how they would handle my application to enrol.

They say my application was declined because:

(1) I did not supply a writing sample. False. I supplied a link to my webpage that contained many writing samples including a chapter from OUP and written work that they had previously accepted as writing samples, and judged to be enough for me to be offered PhD enrolment with the ANU.

(2) I did not supply a research proposal. False. I supplied information that I wasn't interested in starting a PhD all over again I was interested in getting credit for work I had already done. I supplied a 100,000+ word thesis on the subject of Kim Sterelny's choosing - evolutionary aspects to cognitive breakdown. He wrote in my file notes that he was willing to supervise me on that topic. I supplied to them the draft that I supplied to him more than 10 years agao. I'm still waiting for him to tell me what I need to do to that draft to get it to externals so I can credit for having completed my ANU PhD. I also supplied a research proposal to Kim Sterelny saying that if I were to begin all over again I would write on how it is in teh Australian Constitution that NZ is a State and Australia says that this isn't true because NZ did not consent. So let's look at the notion of consent and the notion of consent for medical experimentation and treatmetn when it came to people being forced to be immunised otherwise centrelink payments would be withheld etc. Kim Sterelny refused to write a reference for me on my application (they contacted me and sai dthat was so and I'd need to name another referree). I suppose he is all but dead by now. He must be in his 70's? But he is still on payroll in fact. ANd he isnt' willing and / or able to supervise PhD students. He doesn't appear to have done anything really at all when it came to him sulpervising me. He collected up money for having me enrolled, to be sure. Kept writing how I should get extension after externsion after extension to keep working. Did not tell me when I needed to submit it despite him or in spite of him.

(3) They dont' have anyone to supervise. In teh entire Philosophy Programme of Australia's premier Research institution they don't have a single person employed in Philsoophy who is capable of supervising graduate level research.



Who passed my work (my writing samples and my PhD work) off as their own, then?

I can't really think of much other reason for the f*cking tantrums that they are throwing now.

Except, of course, that they are butt hurt that I didn't want to do anything anything anything anything to put on a cocktail dress and party party party party party and make a living refusing to supervise students and refusing to sign off on student and claiming to have enrolled students over and ove rand over and over so as to collect up more and more and more money from the University for keeping the student detained.

Living the dream, right there.




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