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Re: maths salad

Posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 17:00:57

In reply to Re: maths salad, posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 16:54:21

all so the people from Harvard can come here and visit their longitudinal study in... I don't know...

how mould grows inside people's lungs in a dose-response-dependent fashion.

they can measure the mould levels when they do the inspections of people living in the government state houses. right? they can measure the humidity and the temperature and get a certain level of mould in their houses and require them to live in that house fo ra certain amount of time.

and see how their lungs go. right? how the asthma works out. how the cancer develops.


i guess you probably want to do it in the childrens classrooms in the schools. then you have to hire truancy officers to ensure they are at their school detention.

the 'bums on seats' education system that pays a bounty to each child's head if you record the child as being enrolled at that fine institution.

they are changing up the NZQA examinations now. they are going to record people as not having high school graduation. i don't suppose it would be a terrible idea if they actually were intersted in teaching people actual skills worth knowing etc etc. but the examintion is word salad.

i mean to say, if you subjected most of the people in new zealand to that examination i bet that people like Jacinda Ardern and teh Attorney General and the Supreme Court Judges and the head surgeons and the like would not pass the examination. Because it is word salad word salad word salad.

They tell people they can't write -- by which they mean to say they will refuse to properly or formally process any of thei rwriting they do.

They won't process their applications (written) for anything. And so on.

That seems to be the idea.

All the people who fail the high school level writing test will have to write to the UN aboaut the crimes of the New Zealand government.
How f*ck*ng tedious.

Cheapest employees for hte UN ever. Right?


What a f*ck*ng farce.




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