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Re: maths salad

Posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 16:54:21

In reply to maths salad, posted by alexandra_k on September 7, 2022, at 16:18:58

they are getting closer. they are getting closer and closer and closer and closer and closer and closer and closer...

to giving up the pretense of doing or aiming to be anything different.

the auckland university of technology university (you have to say university twice because it was a very good polytech, by all accounts, but everybody knows that a polytech is just a second rate university and when a polytech gets to a certain state or stage of development it then becomes a university.

so now we have these vocational undergraduate degrees. like a bachelor of health science in... nursing. physiotherapy. things like that. medicine and law are both university subjects -- because they are handed to the children of the wealthy elite who don't get to go to the US or the UK or europe to the universities over there. i guess because their parents have closer control over what residential hall (and what tutors) and, increasingly, direct control over their grades in fact (when they bother to use their grades at all instead of making decisions on the basis of who their parents are).

there are quite the scummy scams going on with trades. with the local councils and the building consents and the like. things get delayed and they end up costing far in access because of the bribes and so on that you have to pay to the council in order to get the permits etc.

we are so corrupt we don't see any of this as corruption.

when the trade centre gets burned down 2x during it being built. when they try and blame an apprentice with a blowtorch. when the engineers of the blow torch point out that the tool has automatic shut off when you set it down so no apprentice can accidentally leave it on when it is not attended.

over and over again.

it's too corrupt here. there's actually nothing here.

the only trades peple whose qualifications they will acknowledge or recognise are ones who do what they are told when they are told. sign off when they are told. don't sigin off when they are told. word salad word salad word salad of the regulations.

my niece is apparently a radiologist. she did medical imaging. a bachelor of health science in medical imaging or something. a small course with only 6 of them or something. they picked her friend.. and then they eventually picked her to do it, too. so there aren't many of them. she was doing angio stuff. for the catheter lab, i think. when people have blood clots. heart attacks or whatever. the surgeon comes to drive the scope around. not sure what her role is exactly. so now she's studying at the university to do mri's. she said something about she could have done ultrasound... but the ultrasound medical imaging people write the reports. so they have to describe the ultrasound and diagnose. i suppose. on the basis of the ultrasound. but new zealand doesn't have any radiologists, i don't think... so likely she will end up writing the mri radiology reports. that the surgeons don't typically have before they get in there and have a go at surgery. because it's a fun thing for the great grandchild of the whoever to be doing. apparently. or i suppose.

my nephew got to start a phd at rutgers. after spending 2 years on a 1 year masters from university of auckland and then 2 years on a 2 year masters somewhere in texas. he's marrying someone who is in univerity administration and now she has a job in pittsburg somewhere so he got a place at rutgers. since he's marrying an administrator i guess he just might make it. perhaps. see how many screaming tantrums there is in 5 years when it's time to sign off on his PhD.

New Zealand has quite the relationship with Rutgers. I know quite a few who went there for Arts types of subjects. I guess it is because Princeton takes all the Turnitin submissions of the New Zealand Undergraduates and gets the professors on their staff or whatever their work so they can pass it off as their own and so on when it comes to their own publications.

I did end up making a website to put my own work on. Because I realise, now, that something like that is the likely expalnation for why they refuse to acknowledge anything about me at alll. They have taken my work and passed it off as thei rown. someone high up somewhere... Plagariser. I think that is the most likely explanation of why the Philosophy people are being such obnoxious *ssh*l*s when it comes to me not having credit for any of the work tkhat I have done in Philosohpy.

I mean... There is something about how psychopathy is when people keep going when the other party has surrendered. So, with dogs, when one dog rolls over and exposes it's belly it's waving the white flag. So when I say 'i wont' be applying for jobs in philosohpy I don't want a career as a sophist' they are supposed to chill the f*ck out and relax. It's okay. They can have it. They win the great competition. But they didn't chill the f*ck out and relax at all. They refused to give me credit for the work tkhat I had done. Someone or other said something to me in fact about how it didn't matter who did the work -- it only mattered who was credited as having done the work. I guess that tells you everything you need to know about the work that he's supposedly done...

Nobody was held dto account for WWII detention camp atrocities in NZ. THe officials never stopped.

There's nothing here. Up and down the land...

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

People who have completed requirements for PhD and they won't give them the qualification. So they can't apply for skilled positions overseas and there isnt' a skilled position for them here.

THe people holding the positions were people selected when they were very very very very young on the basis of who their parents are. They know full well they would never make it through if they had to do what they demand of the next generation. That's why they have made it the way they have.

Their kids nad grandkids and so on are all expected to just go off and die so they can live their dream of being chief psychopath chief chief executive of the mangerial administration.

I suppose much of what you see in New Zealand are those medical experiments that the Ivy Leage Universities are runnin goversas because they won't have recourse to the US laws. I would imagine.

Radiation. How much cancer they can make. Etc.

That's why there aren't allowed to be any doctors etc here. Why trained people are not allowed to function. The only people allowed into the postiions are people who haven't been trained who will follow instructions or orders.

And that's why the people in these parts are all trained in how they are entirely replaceable and expendible. Their only value is in following orders.

There is a thing at the moment about not writing anything down. Not leaving a paper trail.

I was thinking.. Why? I mean you can audio record people's voice.

I guess it is because pepole are saying the side that technology is being used on.

Iin New Zealand technology is a tool for oppressing the people. Not at all a tool for helping.

Right Dr Bob?

Facebook came out of a Harvard Grad.

And this stite. Well, you are a Harvard Grad too, right?

It was about identifying the people who you could relatively easily lock up in the name of mental illness any time you like. Right? A way to decapitate and remove people from any kind of credible position in life? Right?

Was that the great plan?

What happened to Cubic me? She was enrolled Medical Studetn. Right? Did she ever graduate or did she drop out? What ever happened to GardnerGirl? Did she ever garduate her psychology programme and get a job working as a clinical psychologist? And so on...

It's all a f*ck*ng farce.. So far as I can see...

You really should take a look at the word salad word salad word salad coming out the Supreme Court Judgements of New Zealand. THe word salad coming out of our Judiciary.

New Zealadn isn't even pretending to follow proper process on how our judges are appointed, anymore.

THey just order various people to be re-apointed (people pulled out of retirement). I wouldn't be suprised, at all, if the judges are actually in lock up somewhere. If someone else actually writes the judgment and they simply put their name to it.

We are supposed to believe that tehy keep finding people who aren't supposed to be there in University Medical Courses and in Hospital Operating Theatres. Apparently people are forging working barcodes to give them room access and Identification Numbers that match the roll and that match the room list. I mean to say it is not plausible at all.

Apparently the police get called out becuase dead human remains have been found and they say 'it is just an animal. There is nothing to see here. There will not be an investivation'.

It seems to me that the drug traffickign goes from the only people they will hire to be police and prison guards and psychologists in the prisons etc... To the prisoners. . So the prisoners distribute to their visitors and so the visitors distribute to their communities.

They make sure the prisoners are seeded in various communities where they want to.. Distrupt?? The community.

Like how certain universiyt residential halls they will make sure there are noisy surrounds that they say tehy 'can't do anything about' so that people are sleep deprived. From the party party int eh evening to the 8am chemistry labs... ALl of the planning and work that goes into keeping the people dropping out and deprived.

I wonder for how little the leaders of NZ sold out the heatlh of the people. I bet it's really f*ck*ng embarassing for just how littlel. imean i guess you didn't really have to offer them anything at all. Just for the joy of it. I would suppose.




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