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when they found out i could read

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 21:20:29

they used to say that i wasn't really reading.

first they would say that i had memorized the entire book and i wasn't really reading, i was just spouting it from memory.

so my mother would say, give her a different book, then.

then they would say that i had memorized the sounds with how the words looked on the page and it was just some kind of pattern recognition and i didn't really understand the meaning of the words or the sentences.

so my other would say, ask her what the story she just read to you was about then.

then they would say...

i don't remember.

but they were always full of excuses about why it was that they refused to accept that i could read.

and then they say that whether or not i can read it doesn't matter because i can't do maths.

f*ck*ng yawn.

so i'm enrolled in first year stats (a course where other students had done years 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 at high school first and it is looking like i'm on track for a B+ before the final. and i'm actually hopeful that my grade will improve on the final because i found there wasn't enough time in the internal for me to finish becuase things weren't as automatic for me as they were for others, but I was getting the hang of it with more practice.

so that's when Waikato throws a f*ck*ng hissy fit of a tantrum about how i cannot be enrolled in that class and they will not allow me to complete a 120 point 1 EFT Masters Degree in 1 year. So i drop stats and physics sothey would let me do the Masters. But they won't let me do the Masters.

Because they are not a tertiary education institution . THey have chosen to be a slave / detention camp.

They don't have a medical school. But they are near the biggest hospital in Australasia.

Is it that they are experimental subjects for Harvard?

Because Harvard doesn't need to worry about being sued in teh USA for crimes against humanity committed in Hamilton, New Zealand?

Is that the basic or general idea/l?




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