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Re: If I sat NCEA English test for NZ Education System

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:27:03

In reply to If I sat NCEA English test for NZ Education System, posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:19:36

some people are schooled relentlessly on being given the exact answers to the questions that will be asked.

students from certain schools or certain tutorial groups.

That is how the undergrduate entry to medicine test works.

(how it does not work, how it fails to work)

and that is basically how every other examination or assessment works (fails to work) in New Zealand, as well.

I don't know who writes the questions for the NCEA assessments. Some of the teachers will actually say that the questions are... Urm... Well...

I don't think the question writer would be capable of passing a fair test.

That is something clearly demonstrated in the question that they wrote.

Apparnetly a question for the writing test was tha they were given something that was unclear and they were supposed to make it more clear.

Put words in their mouth, in other words.

It is just b*llsh*t garbage output. There's nothing here.

Immediately before Covid the problem was that there weren't enough buildings ot put all the students. There werent' engouh pedophiles on payroll and they weren't paying the teachers woh weren't pedophiles in the eattempt to force them to be starved out of teaching.

They weren't acknowledging that they had completed their teaching qualifications. THey weren't acknowledging that the teachers were able to pass hte NCEA questions etc etc.

They would only register teachers who were not themselves able to pass to teach the students... Uh... Uh... That they weren't able to pass, either.

Now they are being a bit more blatantly clear that they are allowed to keep the students as hostages by simply refusing ot acknowledge they pass. See.. Even if the studnets pass the external (and they won't if they passed the internal) then they won't pass them for their internal.

See.. The government puts a bounty on tehir heads. They get dollars for every student they write down as being enrolled. For every student they fail they write them down as being enrolled the following year.

I would expect the bones to be piling up of all tlhes epeople they say they have enrolled as students.

There's ntohing there.




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