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If I sat NCEA English test for NZ Education System

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:19:36

I am sure I would be given a failing grade.

I mean to say, test scores, in New Zealand, are little more than a mechanism for abusing people.

They tell people that they cannot write. By which they mean that anything the person writes will not be accepted or acknowledged as writing.

They tell people that they cannot read. By which they mean that anything the person says about the laws or the rules (for example) that their bosses or whomever are supposed to be following (for example) are problems of their own reading comprehension only.

So, you know, when the Australian Constitution says that New Zealand is a State of Australia it is a problem with my inability to understand plain English that I think it is saying that. What the Australian Constitution means to say is that New Zealand is not a State of Australia. That's what ENglish words or language means. There must be something wrong with my ability to Understand English. I wouldn't even pass NCEA.

And as for arithmetic... They intentionally write convoluted garbage... With stupid questions.

Much as 'Critical Reasoning or Critical Thinking' is a 'Money Cow' course for the University.

See... They get the International Students Office (people paid to work in that office to offer pastoral care and support to International Students) people to tell the ESL students that their English isn't any good. So they should take 'Critical Thinking' to improve their English skills.

Then they get lots of garbage of the form 'if it were raining then the moon would be made of green cheese' and 'ill eat my hat if the moon is made of green cheese' and 'is it valid that if the moon is made of green cheese I won't eat my hat'

And then you tell them that the problem is that they don't speak or Understand English.

So they fail the course.

SO they will need to stay in teh Country over summer school if htey want to graduate on time.

They will need to opay xxx more dollars to do another course. They will need ot opay xxx more dollars to stay in teh Univesrity accommodation.


Do you want to cut your losses then on everything you have investe din NZ so far? Just leave us everything you invested and walk away.

There's a good lamb for the slaughter.

See.. The problem ist hat the NZ government doesn't acknowledge that you can read, write, or do arithmetic.

So all you get to do (yawn) is write up the crimes of the NZ government. All of the fraudulent and false billings. All of the 'flouting of the laws' (aka crimes).


f*ck*ng yawn.

How fuckign tediously boring. F*ck*ng psychopaths.




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