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playstation 5 and other news

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2022, at 2:38:51

I got a playstation 5. woot!!!

I had to write to EB games and protest that...

They allowed me to pay for a console with an ETA and they informed me by email that I could arrive instore for the ETA and then...

Apparently they had no good reason to suppose that they would have consoles available for that ETA...

And then... I was informed that hello, your console (and various other things packaged into that bundle) had arrived...

But, uh, not actually the second controller...




I got a console (I suppose).

No, really... I'm really happy to have one.


I have never had a gaming computer. I mean, my work involved text based output -- so I always had a computer for that (mostly self-supplied) -- but I never had a gaming computer.

I played 10 or 15 year old games on my own personal lap-top. Or... I also played 10 or 15 year old games... But also only the Mac Port on my Mac Laptop.

So various games I would have liked (at the time) e.g., Neverwinter nights... I did not play. Because I did not have a capable devise.

Or... I would play games (happily that I could pay them at all) with the settings all turned down on the lowest...

So... It is something of a treat (indeed) to be able to play the latest AAA box office games on the latest generation consoles. I mean WOW.

Don't get me wrong... I am still playing (I will still play) Legend of Zelda... It is a BEAUTIFUL game that has an art style and optimisation that really showcases the Nintendo Switch and all that it can do with the hardware capability. I mean WOW!!!

It's a fun and beautiful and engaging game. It is amazing in so many ways. Open world climbing mechanics etc.

It is totally worth buying the console for that game (IMHO). If you have a kid... You could purchase something like lord of the rings boxed set... But, uh, if they are reading literate already... Why not but them a Switch OLED or Light, even, and that game... So many hours of exploration and game play. You can even set the settings on the device so they can only play it out of school hours or whatever... Entertainment. Hello. Brilliant. Well done Nintendo...

I'm playing Horizon Zero Dawn... Which is like a girls version of Fallout... Best I can figure. Diversity audience (girls being half the population and all)... But it is beautiful -- and fun. Yeah. I am enjoying it. I have forbidden west as part of the console bundle... But I like story heavy games so wanted to play the first one first..

Looking forward to Last of US I on release. Here come the zombie hoards, indeed. Why you need to leave Boston. I haven't played anything in the genre (I haven't had a playstation before) so... Looking forward to the definitive edition. Being a scarirdy cat by nature... We will see...

I didn't like Elden Ring very much. I know it's unfashionable to say... I didn't like how I felt playing the game... I don't know.. Apparently I can start with a ranged attack and find an early summons and... Anyway... Maybe I will get back to it. I don't know... I don't really have desire to become the Elden Lord... Maybe that is the problem...

Horizon is strange for you go from lowest of the low to lord... I don't have desire to be lord, either.

Whatever happened to ideals of equality amongst men (where men means people)?

Yeah... Well...

That's why we had to leave Boston, apparently. The advancement of Zombie Hoard...

Clap clap clap horrah that Jacinda Ardern chooses to sip water.

Boo yah...

Hey, I know.. Let's devote our time modding Kerbel so they can sell it as Kerbel II without paying developers.

Cool story Bro.




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