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message for nintendo...

Posted by alexandra_k on June 15, 2022, at 2:46:27

In reply to wow... so..., posted by alexandra_k on June 15, 2022, at 2:33:40

okay, so, my message for nindendo...

x box and playstation have learned to work together in a 'the game isn't which system is best... which system i should buy... the only sensible answer is that i should buy both systems...'

and that is the game that nintendo should be aiming to get in on.


it is a given that people will buy x box.

it is a given that people will buy playstation.

why (in the face of that) should people buy nintendo?

what does nintendo do, or offer, that they don't or can't or won't?

1) exclusives. exclusive software releases.

ta da.

end story.

other platforms have more promise of hardware capability -- and what is limiting is software development.

think about the brilliant games of the world... they didnt' rely on 4 k resolution. people had intelligence to use minds eye.

it's not about 4k resolution.

steam deck is a monster (size wise and power consumption wise). it's not a sensible portable option.

the kids market is a good idea.

portable with capabiltiy to plug in...


reading in bed with my kindle atmosphric flavor...

those kinds of games..

but they are differnt from origins in arcade systems.

btu you have the arcade system. work that.


moral kombat.

japan does combat systems.

double dragon.



donkey kong

alex kidd..

(go on you know you want to!!!)


but there's a weirdness or strangeness in, much of it.

i don't know...

anyhooo.. it's a system. that still exists. that enables the use of offline gaming via cartridge.

like a book enables you to study it offline.

portable (genuinely)

proprietry software...

educational software??

want to teach the world to understand japanese???

why not???


how do kids in japan learn math?

assuming yuo don't just want them to die (like they do in the western world)




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