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if i had to predict...

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2022, at 18:06:40

the way things are going in nzl...

i suppose what i think likely to happen...

is that someone will do something radical.

assassinate jacinda ardern.

blow up parliament.

something like that.

and then the chinese military will move in.

it will be back to a period of lockdown.

they'll try and impose some structure to turn the economy productive.

like what or how?

i don't know...

i don't know how that would work...

i don't know.

i do know that we don't have a functioning judiciary.

we don't have a functioning education and training system.

we don't have a functioning system of accreditation. you pay the registration people, you pay you pay you pay you pay you pay you pay you pay the registration people...

i don't quite know how they decide who gets to be one of them...

apparently, the idea is that there is a period, or an amount. i don't know what period or time or what amount.

you work for 10 years on your 3 year PhD?
or is it 20?
how do they decide?
can you get time off for behavior they value?
what kinds or sorts of things?
sexual favors?
sucking up generally?
or do those sorts of things only make it more likely that they will extend the time they think they are entitled to?

and you pay extra money, too.
2x as much as was quoted when you agreed?
how do they decide?

is the idea that the sooner you give up.. worship them as all powerful... the sooner they will accept you. embrace you unto themselves, or whatever.

so then you can get busy conning and scamming and scheming the next generation...


is the idea like 'better call saul' where the point is that you flinch. rather than sing sing singing from the willingness of your heart.. expressing your genuine joy of the situation whereby you march various people off to their untimely deaths...

if you flinch then no amount of time will ever make that up.

i think the later seems to be right.

the fact that i don't want to be part of a corrupt system. the fact that i don't think it is better to be a slaver than to participate in more equal relationships.

means i make them feel bad about themselves or something. my very existence.

so that's it, then.

thanks for playing.

better luck never.

i am glad i did not have kids.

i don't see anything good or of any value.

well done, peoplel. you win. yay you!!! you win the great life competition!!! enjoy the garbage land of nothing you get to be lord and master slaver over. satan of the hellhole. well done.




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