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Re: shot put

Posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2022, at 5:30:21

In reply to Re: shot put, posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2022, at 5:19:45

I guess I feel about it, especially, because Maaori and Pacifica people often have denser bones and carry more weight about their frames. Partly because of poverty and the sorts of food choices that go along with that... But partly because they seem to be (on average) built a bit larger and denser. The way that african americans seem sometimes (but not always, to be sure) to be. And, I suppose, to be fair, other people of other races, too, so maybe it isn't about race, specifically or particularly. Maybe all races will have their heavy-weight athletes and their super heavy weight athletes.

The thing is... It is a way for people to be.

Sometimes people get into their heads that the idea or ideal of 'health' or of 'fitness' is.. Anorexia, even. But, definitely, slim. I do understand about the move to consume less animal meat and dairy protein. For Environmental also personal health reasons. Sure. Yes. Balance in all things.

But chickpeas and plant based proteins... And we return to this issue of weight.. Density.. Of the human frame. For health and for fitness.

And the idea/l of.. Starving or.. Reducing your calorie intake and upping your exercise.. The intention of reducing your overall body weight. To end up with a slimmer and lighter...

And then..

Another idea/l of.. Growing into your frame. Of replacing the fat with muscle. Which is just to say, of worrying less about restricting your food and worrrying more about increasing the workload. Building the metabolically active muscle.

And of course balance.

But women, particularly..

And I guess you add to that the idea of investment (if it is allowed). So you can devote your time and energy and attention to things like core strength. Year after year after year... The pay off being much much much much much longer term.

We aren't there yet.

It's great to see how weightlifint in NZ has developed. But we aren't there, yet, where people can focus on the longer term things. People need to demonstrate numbers early on else they won' tbe supported or funed long term. People with the capacity to see the input that went into things like core strength... Aren't making the decisons..




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