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i would imagine the closest..

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 23:05:05

i would imagine that the closest i could come to knowing what it would be like to be the only black face in a place where people are predominantly white and additionally wehre there is a history of oppression of black people...

would be...

to be the only white face in a black university...

perhaps not always... i mean.. there certainly are instances of white people beign accepted in black culture at least sorta kinda. thinking of eminem sort of white trailor park... coming together in oppression or... i don't quite know... i don't quite know...

but i imagine that to start with it might be weird... how the black people of north carolina treated me (as a white woman) standing up for me on the bus. holding the door for me. holding their eyes low. averting their gaze...

but then i imagine in time... they would become emboldened.

maybe as the white people were when there were few blacks in their midst or wheter they were visibly kept oppressed. chains. literal. then metaphoric. emboldened.

i wonder how much time it would take for the black majority to feel similarly emboldened...

i think it likely would happen. perhaps there would be a sense of justification or fairness because of past wrongs when it comes to racial group membershiph even.

i do think there is a lot of sense in what she was saying where it is about people being horrible to peoplel. not about race.




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