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Re: the fat comment

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 22:39:36

In reply to the fat comment, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 22:28:18

the fat comment was also made by judith collins -- who (as judith collins pointed out herself) is a tad fat.

if people had have been asked to place bets on who they thought would be most likely to push cycle an electric cycle 5ks to the beach... i htink most people would have put their money on... judith collins.

that is to say it wasn't just about the weight. it was about... determination... or something. i mean to say you don't have to be thinnish to cycle regularly, but souxie wilkes just didnt' really strike anybody as a physical exertion kinda gal is really the point there.

and then she sat her *rs* on teh beach while her friend went swimming...

the issue was hypocracy. the fat comment and her being a woman are just side issues. preventing and prohibiting genuine progress from being made on the issue.


whopi goldberg's comment about the holocaust not being about race but beign about people being horrible to one another... was really interesting to me.

i understand she apologised because people felt offended by it (jewish people felt offended that she said it wasn't about them being a race or being targeted as a race)... and maybe that was... disarming... of her...

but i do think it is a genuine idea worth exploring.

not to take anything away when it comes to acknowledign the horrible way that many jewish people who were jewish were treated especially how they believed that they were targeted because they were jewish people who were jewish specically.

that was sometiems the reason given. i hear that.

but i do think it is really important. and an advance on the dialogue.

i will never know how it is to be so easily or readily identified as a member of a group that is oppressed. i mean.. there maybe markers. my 'poor' clothes or whatever... btu that's different from having a visibly jewish nose or something. it's also different from having a black face.



i don't remember this i apologse for misquoting. i don't know who said it..

first they came for the jews and i did nothing because i was not jewish.
then they came for the people with disability and i did nothing because they did not accuse me of being disabled.
and then they came for me and there was nobody to stand with / for me.

first they said the reason why they came for me was because i was fat.
then (even after i lost weight) they said the reason was because i was poor.
then (even after i made some money) they said the reason was because i was black.
then (even after i bleached my skin) they said the reason was now because i was too old.

there always will be some reason... some excuse...

for why it is that some people will treat some other people really very veyr horribly indeed.

i don't think you should spend a great deal of time trying to udnersetand their 'reasons'. they aren't reasons. they are excuses. weak pathetic made up ones at that.




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