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the fat comment

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 22:28:18

In reply to Re: the biggest threat to academic freedom, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 22:16:34

my understanding is that the source of the 'fat' comment was because the issue was one of whether she was following the lock-down regulations or requirements that were in force at the time.

you were allowed to exercise in your local area.

there had been cases publicised about how it was not okay to put your mountain bike on the back of your car and drive outside your area to then go mountain biking. you needed to ride your bike in your area.

there had also been discussion about how that didn't mean it was time to start running marathons. in other words, it didn't mean it was time to start exercising with a greater range than usual...

you were supposed to be exercising to keep healthy. not as an excuse to get outside your area.

so souxie wiles gets on her ELECTRIC BICYCLE and cycles, for exercise, 5ks away to meet up with her friend at the beach.

and when photos were published of her 5ks away from her house hanging out with her friend on the beach people thought she was a f*ck*ng hypocrit that many new zealanders were not driving 5ks away to get to the f*ck*ng beach and yet here she f*ck*ng was.

to which she cried 'it was a bicycle and that was exercise'

at which point someone or other... likely correctly pointed out... that they didn't belive her fat *ss cycled that distance regularly or as a matter of course.

i mean... finger raises at the traffic lights? i'm sure her lega were moving around sorta kida...


that was the context of the 'fat' comment.

it wasn't that they were meaning to be mean about her weight. they were questioning whether she was having one rule for everyone else and another rule for herself in her own behavior and her own conduct.

making people feel bad about fat shaming her if they didn't think that it was okay for her to be seen with a (heavy) electrical bicycle 5ks away from her house when it was not okay for people to drive the same distance...

she could have said that she cycled (with electrics turned off) in her defense. point is.... nobody thought that that was likely.




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